Charter school supporter says, It is silly to worry about failed charter schools.

Gibbons of ReDefined Ed who has never met a public school she liked or a
charter school he didn’t wrote a piece saying that charters received a greater
percentage of A grades than public schools did. He leaves out a couple things
in his love fest however like almost 10 percent of charter schools did not receive
grades and the dozen or so that closed last school year. When I asked him if adding
those closed schools might skew his terrific news he wrote:  
Once a school is closed it literally
does not exist anymore. It would be quite silly to grade schools on student
achievement and student graduation rates when they have no students.  
You see its silly to worry about the
dozen or schools that closed last year and the half dozen or so that have
already closed this. It’s silly to even consider the impact the 240 charter
schools that have closed in Florida over the years. Money wasted, educations
shortchanged, just plain silly.  
Ugh, I have to go throw up now.

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