Charter school operator complains about separate and unequal school system. What the Beep!!!!!!

In an example of rarely reached chutzpah a principal of a
Palm Beach charter school complained that money from a tax referendum to pay
for the arts was not going to charter schools.
From the Palm
Beach Post: The school board on Wednesday night unanimously reworded the
ballot to say the money is only for non-charter district schools and declined
to give charters any money despite the pleas of officials like Bright Futures
Academy charter Principal Henry DiGiacinto.
“The consequence of this referendum, the passage as written, is to
ratify another four years of ‘separate but unequal education,’” DiGiacinto
First good job Palm Beach school board and second WTF.
Public schools don’t pick who they take and keep, public schools don’t
council out poor performers and you can be damn sure nobody is getting rich and
living in million dollar houses working at public schools too.
In Florida we for years have had a separate and unequal
school system which favors charters over public schools and despite that public
schools routinely kick their asses!

Second good job Palm beach school board if only more school
boards stuck up for their schools, mine sure doesn’t, things would be better.

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