Charter review commission member Nick Holland has either been in a comma or under a rock

Thank God he wasn’t elected to the school board if his Facebook comments are any indication of how he would have been.

Nick commented on a post from school board member Elizabeth Andersen and if you haven’t read it yet, let me recommend you do its excellent.

So this is what Nick said,

Nick Howland Yes we need this. But why such vitriol directed at the City Council asking reasonable questions about a rushed plan … and not School Board members of the last 6 – 8 years who never put together any plan at all? A well thought out plan fully vetted through the city and passed 5 years ago would have cost taxpayers much less and benefited kids and teachers much more.

Um vitriol directed at the city council? From me sure, they deserve every bit and more but the school board has been incredibly measured almost to much for my tastes.

As for reasonable questions, at this point it stopped being about questions weeks ago. The board has asked and answered every reasonable question time and time again.

This from the Times Union,

In past public meetings of the City Council, council members have leveled criticism at the School Board while passing up chances to ask questions directly to school leaders who watched tight-lipped in the audience.

You know because all the city council wants is some answers.

Then there are the school board members who did nothing for the last six to eight years, there are two that fits that description, Grymes and Smith-Juarez hardly the majority of the board.

As for Howland’s critique of the plan, nothing would satisfy him and his friends absolutely nothing and that’s because he is okay with our schools failing.

Howland is clueless and don’t take my word for it, take the word of the district he wanted to represent that overwhelmingly voted against him.

Last summer I wrote a lot of blogs about Howland and after he lost he asked me to take them down because he didn’t want his children and their friends seeing then and i said sure, why not, but back up they go, as long as he uses specious reasons to fight against the city’s schools and children he doesn’t deserve a break,

Every time he chimes in on a subject he proves the voters at the beach right for not voting for him and it’s just a shame he was put on the charter review commission, hopefully he won’t be able to do any damage there. 

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