Can you buy and sell public schools? Apparently if they are charters you can.

Um, how much proof do we need that charters aren’t public schools? No, what they are is publicly funded profit centers where in return for all that cash, thier students have to take the FSA. They are exempt from hiring practices, construction requirements and many unfunded mandates that public schools are required to do and for a cherry on top, now they are being bought and sold with regularity. Charters are not public schools and we should stop pretending they are. 

From the Real Deal,

Andre Agassi, the world’s former No. 1 tennis player, had a punishing backhand that led to points against his opponents. Now, as a charter school developer, his company has found a way to get in and out of deals quickly and turn a profit.
Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities sold the Franklin Academy at 5000 Southwest 207th Terrace in Pembroke Pines for $60.5 million to Erudite Properties, led by Scott Sznitken, Executive Director of Florida Charter Foundation, records show…
…Turner-Agassi’s strategy is to act as a “bridge developer” for charter schools, fronting the cost for site selection and construction and then leasing the property to a charter school operator. The group then sells the property to the charter operator once it reaches its enrollment goal, according to Turner-Agassi’s website.
The strategy has proven successful in the past. In 2016, Turner-Agassi sold a Boynton Beach charter school for $22.3 million. The same year it also sold Franklin Academy in Cooper City for $20 million
Charter schools are becoming an increasingly popular real estate investment for developers, as the supply of available locations narrows, financing becomes more readily available and demand grows for non-traditional schools in Florida.
Ugh, gross, mercenaries looking to profit off the backs of our children. Making money not whats best for kids is their bottom line.

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