Can black and poor families please choose the police they want to protect them?

Black and minority families have been failed by the monopoly imposed on them by the police.

Black men are incarcerated at higher rates and get longer sentence than white peers.

We as a country have failed all to many black families.

Poor communities of color often have higher crime rates than similar white neighborhoods and people of color are more likely to be the victims of crime and the monopoly of police departments have failed them over and over again and this is why we must allow these families to have their tax money follow them in the form of vouchers to the police department of their choosing. One police department in a community is a monopoly and these monopolies have failed our communities of color for way to long. Parents after all know what is best for their families and they should be able to choose what police department is best able to keep them safe and crime away.

Police departments are often run rough shod over by their unions who we all know only care about their cushy salaries and benefits and not about taking care of families, keeping them safe and solving crimes. 

More police departments will create competition and innovation and this will lead to more success in policing which will lead to more families being safe and less crime. Capitalism has shown us this time and time again.

Friends if we truly care about families of color, then we must give them the choice and fund that choice as well.

People want to give them school vouchers, well friends its the monopoly of the police that cause many more of their problems.

Now don’t get me started about fire departments and mean inspectors.

Above was inspired by the comment below that was posted on another blog,

The comparison I like to use here is suppose that this happened with police officers. We decided that we needed to have police choice vouchers because I alone as a parent know what is best for the security of my kids and I’d like to have a private police force funded by tax payers that I can choose to use for me instead of being forced to use this public option. Also, the private police force doesn’t have to go through any training to be a private police officer and there are no regulations on how they police or accountability. They may be terrible police officers and eat doughnuts all day. All the fixed costs that the public police force has in terms of police cars, offices and jails they have to eat as I take my money to a private security company. It reduces their capability to share costs to provide a public service. Meanwhile, the legislators want to make sure things are fair. So they give the charter police force capital outlay money taken from the public police force so they can’t even maintain their buildings. The public police force are getting it on three sides–reduction in funds to operate, reduction in funds for buildings going to charter police and reduction in citizens to protect because of private police vouchers. Do people see how flipping ridiculous that sounds? Would police be literally up in arms on the street if that happened? You’re damn right they would be and so would citizens.

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  1. Speaking of protection are charter schools required to have armed security guards like public elementary schools? Just curious. I know there are some public elementary schools that have police officers instead of rent-a-cops. Talk about separate but unequal. I'll give you a guess about which elementary schools get JSO officer friendly & which ones get Paul Blart mall cop.

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