Bryan Campbell candidate Clay school board district 2 chooses smears over ideas

I thought only Gary Chartrand Candidates made stuff up. Add Bryan Campbell candidate Clay school board district 2 to the list.

It looks like Bryan Campbell took a page out of the Gary Chartrand candidate playbook and sent a dastardly and misleading mailer about his candidate Carol Studdard who has successfully served the people of Clay County for nearly 24 years.


Do you know who is a member of the AFL-CIO and Labor Unions? Most teachers, firemen and police officers, that’s who. Your neighbors, the middle class family that has left Duval for Clay county. The people you barbecue with, go to church with and see at Publix.

As for special interests, does he mean all the charter school money that has filled Van Zant’s coffers? They in education are the ultimate special interest and they aren’t giving money to Carol Suddard.

Then he mentions raises, Tallahassee, dominated by republican politicians for over 20 years decides how school board members are paid and I don’t believe that the school board could give themselves raises even if they wanted to.

As for a million dollars in salary and benefits, for nearly 24 years of able and successful service is a bargain. We should be thanking her for her selfless service instead of allowing this man to ridicule her.

I also get their is a sentiment to throw long serving politicians out but why would anybody in Clay County even consider replacing her? Until Van Zant, partly because of her leadership, Clay county was considered one of the best school districts in the state, and the fact that she has stayed only on the school board speaks volumes to her commitment to Clay County’s children.

Finally the line about a DROP payment is just a straight up lie, she hasn’t received one cent from it, though after 24 years of service I don’t know why anyone would begrudge her from doing so when she eventually does.

Clay county shouldn’t the leaders of your schools be chosen based on their ideas, not their callous ability to smear their opponents and mislead the electorate? This is obviously a lesson that Bryan Campbell didn’t learn.   

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  1. Carol Studdard is one of best examples of a dedicated public servant. She rules with her head and her heart. When my granddaughter started school my son asked me what he should look for in a teacher and I told him one trait..compassion because they could learn everything else. Well the same holds true for a school board member and Carol has cornered the market. She has stood tall for our children what has Bryan done but bash his opponent? If he would treat Ms. Studdard this way how will he treat our children?

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