Bright Futures a lot less bright or Florida dumps on its poorest kids

Florida makes college more unaffordable for our poorest students, so much for breaking the cycle of poverty right?

Figures released recently by a University of South Florida administrator show that nearly half the roughly 30,000 freshmen eligible statewide for the current version of Bright Futures won’t make the cut by the fall of 2014, when significantly higher academic thresholds take effect.

It’s not too late for lawmakers to reconsider this misguided effort to save money. It shouldn’t come on the backs of deserving low-income and minority students. Read more here:

Equal access to education is the foundation of our economic growth. Miami has come together in a powerful way through One Community One Goal to create a brighter future for Miami. This will all be undone unless we act now to save the Bright Futures scholarship program. Read more here:

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