A Brickbat for the Folio

Up is down, black is white, dogs are playing with cats, people are jumping on the furniture and the Folio gave Duval County School Superintendant Ed Pratt-Dannals a bouquet. That’s to say things are all mixed up. The Folio bestowed the ceremonial honor to the superintendant because he turned down a raise and 20 thousand dollars in cell phone and car allowances.

If you didn’t know it the superintendants base salary is 270 thousand with his total compensation approaching 330 thousand dollars. Looking just at salary, his is almost a hundred thousand more than the mayor and he makes almost the equivalent of Clay and St. Johns counties school superintendants combined. Which begs the question why had he been getting a cell phone and car allowance anyways? You would think he could have afforded them already on his quarter million dollar plus salary.

Likewise did you know that when he went from assistant superintendant to superintendant he received an over one hundred thousand dollar or about a 67% percent raise (he was already making well over 100k) a far cry from the less than one percent raise most teachers typical receive with their step increases, a raise by the way that the superintendant sought to deny them earlier this year when he declared financial urgency.

What’s next Folio? How are you going to reward the fact he has gutted discipline, destroyed teacher morale, further eroded the teaching of the trades and arts and despite his claims otherwise made no appreciable improvement to the district, in fact many think our problems have gotten much worse, in his nearly three years of stewardship; a man of the year award perhaps or how about a parade?
Here is a Brickbat for you Folio.

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