Boylan and Priestly-Jackson come to Jesus, Hazouri continues to disappoint

Boylan and Preistly-Jackson came to Jesus all be it though kicking and screaming, and supported passing the school tax referendum to the city council for a full vote while Tommy Hazouri continued to disappoint by voting to withdraw the referendum.

I say they came kicking and screaming because after they supported it, they both gave soliloquies explaining their reservations.It’s unclear if they were sending their thoughts to the school board or if they were telling King Curry they felt like they didn’t have any choice and pleading for forgiveness.  

Similarly Freemen and Pitman during the fiance committee which more resembled a roast of the school board, vote not to withdraw, though its unclear if they will ultimately support the referendum.

From the Times Union,

“I have genuine concerns with how this process rolled out,” Rules Committee member Brenda Priestly Jackson said. “I’m in support, but I want the school board to understand this is going to be largely on them to push and advocate for. I’m not sure the level of engagement is where it needs to be in order to pass.”

Boylan wasn’t much better but I guess at the end of the day them supporting it is what counts.

Hazouri on the hand double down on his legacy destroying stand.

Make sure you real all three of Times Union reporter, Emily Bloch’s tweets

He parrots Scott Wilson’s lie.

He criticizes the school board for not giving into their demands for charter schools.

Then complains they aren’t getting any answers which is a lie he tells all on his own. They have gotten answers, he just doesn’t like them.

Next year when King Curry cuts him loose and he goes from vice president of the council to vice chairman on the crossing guard committee I am going to laugh my ass off.

We all know what you did Tommy and its pretty deplorable.

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  1. AG seems to think there's gonna be a backroom deal cut with the charter syndicate in workshop. Would you support a bill with per pupil spending for charters? I wouldn't.

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