Board of Education Chair Gary Chartrand gives 50k to governors reelection campaign, complains about teacher raises.

Gary Chartrand, or Gary, as the director of Save Duval Schools likes to call him, recently wrote a check to the governor’s reelection campaign for 50 thousand dollars while just a few days before panning the governor’s plan to give teachers, who have taken a 5% pay cut over the last two years, a raise. He is also the chair of the state board of education having gone from top fifty in grocery store news to running our schools. Hhmm, I wonder if contributions like above played a role in that.

Insert hypocrisy comments here.

I am seriously speechless , my school librarian however said, what a jerk.

About the raises, Chartrand likes merit pay even though every study says it doesn’t work but hey what’s facts and evidence when you are rich.

About the donation which is more than what 95% of Florida teachers make in a year.

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