Between Jason Fischer and Kimberly Daniels, Jacksonville really knows how to pick them. (draft)

They have both been in the news of late. Fischer for a blatant flip flop on behalf of his donors. First he called for an appointed school board then an elected superintendent, both monumentally bad ideas nobody but his donors wanted.

Then Daniels for seemingly directing large sums of money to her then boyfriend.

From the Times Union,

 A nonprofit that a Jacksonville lawmaker helped land a $1 million state contract to run a youth program against gun violence is being sued for not delivering on its commitment.

And completely separately, that lawmaker, state Rep. Kimberly Daniels, is being sued by a former aide who says the nonprofit’s leader was Daniels’ boyfriend and wielded undue influence in her office.
The overlap between the cases could pose political headaches for Daniels as the lawsuits unfold, when taxpayer-funded attorneys could be arguing opposite sides of the cases.
Oy vey
Earlier this year, Daniels admitted to campaign finance violations.
This was also the second time she faced an ethics violation, but I guess if you keep getting elected after claiming you can perform exorcisms and thank god for slavery then you might feel like you can get away with anything.
I mean Fischer does every year when he puts millions into the budget for his mega donor, Gary Chartrand’s charter school, and votes for legislation that benefits his actual employer the states voucher king John Kirtley. 
Hey what do Fischer and Daniels have in common? They are both republicans, even though Daniels pretends she’s not, are both ethically challenged, see Fischer’s blatant lies when he ran for school board, and Jeb Bush thinks they are both great for education, which means they are really both terrible. Good God Jacksonville it is hard to imagine you could do worse.

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