Betty Burney’s shameful use of children to make a buck

I am going to be honest. Whenever I hear Betty Burney’s name the hairs on the nape of my neck stick up. I don’t care for her. I believe in my heart she helped run our district into the ground and her objective in life is to make a very comfortable living off our children.
The timing was a bit suspicious at the school board meeting, a dozen children from her I’m a Star Foundation speaking about helping Duval’s homeless children. That’s a noble goal. I think it’s awesome that kids want to get involved in helping those that are less fortunate than them. Again though since Burney is involved I couldn’t help but feel there were ulterior motives to this show of force and sure enough it didn’t me long to find it.
Her I’m a star foundation, you know the one that just had a dozen (maybe more) kids talk about how they plan to eradicate homelessness is in line to get a fat contract from the district.

Wow what timing, these children picking this meeting to show up at. I didn’t think my opinion of her could get worse but apparently I was worng.. 

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  1. Ten? I think it was more than that! It was a bit too much. I also think some of the students were reading someone else's words.

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