Betty Burney’s hubris is driving the decision of the lame duck school board to pick the next superintendent

Reasonable people can disagree about things. A lame duck school board picking the next superintendent however is not one of those things. The board announced that by early as September 25th they may have the next superintendent in place. Friends, that is just 43 days before four members of the board will be replaced. Even the Times Union has come out against this board picking the next super.

Then look at their track record, Burney, Hazouri and Barrett helped pick the last two which arguably were disasters. What do they want, a trifecta? And don’t give me that gobblygook about it being their duty when they have fallen down on so many of their other ones.

Which leaves just one explanation, hubris. They are so blinded by their egos they can’t see the further damage they might inflict upon the school system. Hubris is what caused Barrett and Burney to want to run again.
Ten years wasn’t enough for Barrett and it took a court order to stop Burney. The damage they had wrought, the wreckage of lives they had created wasn’t enough to deter them from seeking more time on the board. Now their hubris wants to see them create one last huragh, one last FU as they walk about the door to the citizens, teachers and students of Jacksonville.

And as we have paid the price for the last eight years we will likely continue to pay that price because they are choosing the next superintendent and this time they can’t say it is about the kids a lie that has flown from their lips many times in the past, this time it is all about them.

5 Replies to “Betty Burney’s hubris is driving the decision of the lame duck school board to pick the next superintendent”

  1. Yep…told you. Admit it Chris you have a crush on Betty Burney…either that or you are obsessed with her and, if so, that is dangerous dude. Me. Burney should be afraid of you and seek police or court ordered protection from you. You can't go a full day without typing her name and you have been doing that for over a year. You have it bad dude! You still cannot believe that you lost…Get over it! I see you took away my other comment. People are talking about the fact that you are either (1)a sore loser who can't get over the fact that you lost badly, (2) a psycho or (3)in love with Betty Burney. You probably think about her more than her husband does. How sad

  2. Chris didn't lose, the people of Jacksonville did and many of us think Burney has been corrupt and bad for our schools and children. In fact only a crazy person, like I presume you are would think differently and just so you know there are about a dozen or so of us who post on the blog regularly. I wrote above.

    Now if you have something constructive to add, a different point of view, come back, but if not hit your sand box, adults are talking here.

  3. People are talking. They are talking about how poster number couldn't have been talking to people because, 1. he's a total moron, 2. he doesn't have any friends and 3. Mrs. Burney shouldn't you be off ruining the district or something?

  4. This proves why Ms. Burney needs to get protection from you. You have just accused her of something that is not true…you just love typing her name don't you Chris! There are no people talking Chris…it's only you! Send your 'proof' that Betty Burney sent that post.

  5. Hi, I don't usual allow comments to stand that call people names even if those comments support me. First Anonymous 2 you should know better, then A 1 and 4, you don't get the purpose of the blog and you don't like me, fair enough, but nobody is asking you to come here. I do find it ironic that somebody that hides behind anonymous criticizes others that do. You like Burney, fair enough, I encourage you to start a blog about her, since YOU are obviously in love with her.

    Also your post doesn't make sense (imagine that). A teacher who doesn't want to be identified because she fears retribution not Burney made the post, though if Mrs. Burney ever had something she wanted to say i would put it up.

    Finally I would just like to say, stop being a coward, embrace your words and put a name to them and I am easy to find if you ever want to say those things to my face.

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