Betty Burney, just bad or worst school board chair ever?

Under her watch the board:

Pled poverty, cut programs, fired people and reduced salaries all while sitting over a hundred million dollars.

Had the schools of the future debacle.

Took no minutes when the board decided to fire the super.

Voted for contracts that benefited friends and family members.

Tried to sell a school for a thousand dollars which was A. worth more and B. about to be sold to a group formed just six days before.

Our district grade dropped from a B to a C.

It was revealed she didn’t pay here ethics fines.

The superintendent search has dragged on for months and many people are critical that since the board will be radically different in a little over a month that this board should be picking the next super anyways.

Finally just for good measure her brother was convicted of fraud in New York City. His crime, funneling public money to his friends and family members, including Mrs. Burney.

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