Betsy Devos is far from the best and brightest

Tonight, Betsy DeVos refused to commit to enforcing the law to protect students with disabilities, and didn’t seem to know that the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law. The U.S. Secretary of Education must know and promise to defend the rights of all students, including those who experience disabilities, and my concerns about Mrs. DeVos’s suitability to lead the Department of Education are only heightened after tonight’s hearing.- Senator Maggie hassan

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  1. This clip and the others on you tube during the hearing were very telling. I hope the outcome is reflective of her responses.

  2. A very weak nomination by President Elect Trump. On the surface it appears that Betsy DeVos was nominated because she married a billionaire and together the couple has donated more than $200 million to Republicans running for office. And in between her check writing, she has spent her non-working life promoting Charter and Private schools. It was obvious during her Senate Confirmation Hearing that she knows nothing about education outside of these two areas. The Senate Committee on Education now has to vote favorably, unfavorably or without recommendation. There are 23 members on the committee: 12 Republicans and 11 Democrats. I believe that the Republicans will stick together and vote favorably. Then it will go to the full Senate for a vote. In the Senate there are 52 Republicans, 46 Democrats and 2 Independents. The Republicans will again stick together and confirm this cabinet position.

  3. I honestly cannot understand why anyone, any teacher, could possibly vote for Trump knowing his penchant for supporting people like DeVos. She clearly would prefer to make money off of American children, doesn't want to pay teachers a decent wage, is completely ignorant about even the efficacy of charters and private schools, and doesn't know the difference between proficiency and growth. Seriously, first year teachers know this information!
    I attended 2 private Christian schools for my entire elementary and secondary educations. They were at best, simply okay. I was challenged by 2 teachers and 2 teachers alone. That is it. That is why I teach at a public school. For the most part, I see teachers who are passionate about what and who they teach, and they are getting paid an okay salary to boot. I say okay, because seriously? Compared to private schools and charters, the pay doesn't even come close. They want to pay their teachers as little as possible, and it shocks me when teachers let them, although I should not be shocked, as many are either young, inexperienced, or uncertified.

  4. You Would have to ask those teachers who voted for him, and I think it was a lot. Most likely the same ones who put Scott in charge in Florida even after he raided our one and only benefit, a decent retirement that we do pay for despite his lies to the contrary.

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