Best and Brightest by the numbers

Duval has 8,284 teachers of which 110 teachers who got the
scholarship. 35 of them were first year teachers.
Clay has, 2,700 teachers of which 168 of them got the scholarships
and only 4 were first year teachers.
St. Johns has 2,428 teachers, 99 of which got the
scholarship of which 13 were first year teachers.
One of the reasons Duval had so few is because the county
gives out very few highly effective evaluations. Only something like 14 percent
of the county’s teachers received it compared to 35 percent state wide.

I also suspect that the reason Duval had so many first year
teachers get it has something to do with Teach for America but to be honest it
may have something do with our turnover rates, something like 1 in 8 of our
teachers are brand new.

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  1. Now this is what p**ses veteran teachers off. I don't get the bonus, I was surprised to find my SAT score qualified because the reading score was low, but it was in the 80th percentile (42 years ago!), but admin politics and working in a difficult school, I can't get HE, but a new teacher will get the bonus even though I am advising her on how to address her classroom management issues. Best and Brightest indeed. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest our legislators armpits.

  2. Hey Chris,

    I wanted address this question:
    "1. Did this program have any bearing on your decision to became a teacher or if you remained a teacher."

    No. It had absolutely no impact other than I enjoyed receiving $5000. It does not contribute to me staying in my school at all, because next year, depending on my growth scores, I may not receive HE. A part of me bristles at accepting the money because of my own personal integrity; however, to have that money go to novice teachers who have proved nothing about their abilities bothered me even more. This "scholarship" program is absurd, but if an idiot in the government wants to give me extra money for doing my job and fulfilling certain requirements based on my high school scores, sure, I will take it.

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