Becky Couch said what about charter schools?

When talking about charter schools, school board chair Mrs. Couch
should only say things like, complete capitulation, they say jump we ask how
high and yes may I have another.  Despite
her indicating the need to bring students back from charters to traditional
public schools, since Mrs. Couch has been on the board we have seen the amount
of charter schools double whether we need them or not.
That’s why I found what she said in a Times Union piece
about the legislature trying to make it easier for charter schools to expand so
ironic.  In case you didn’t know it the
legislature, despite over 260 charter schools having failed in Florida over the
past few years is pushing to create a standardized contract that all the
districts would have to use. In the end it probably wouldn’t matter in Jacksonville
because we fold like a house of cards in a hurricane but some districts have actually
fought back against the proliferation of charter schools.  They have put reasonable restrictions on
performance and expansion, something we haven’t considered, and the Florida
legislature is vehemently against.
I wish I could link you the piece but I am not a member of
the Times Union’s special club but suffice to say her comments considering her
actions were pretty ridiculous.

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