Becky Couch and Paula Wright get it right about charter schools

Becky Couch and Paula Wright get it right about charter schools

Something that has barely happened over the years took place during a school board meeting the other day. The school board said no to several charter school applications. For years practically any Tom, Dick or Harry has been able to show up and get their charter school application approved. The board was handing approvals out like miniture snickers bars on Halloween. The other day however the board said no to a handful of applications and this charge was led by Paula Wright and Becky Couch.

I am often critical of these two so I think it is important I acknowledge it when they get something right. They looked at the landscape of the district and they decided its future would be better with a unified school system rather than with many different entities answering to many different masters. They decided accountability even if it was harder was better than the finacial bottom line of companies, which is all that many charter schools are most concerned with.

Make no mistake when people talk about school choice what they are really talking about is privatization and the weakening of the public school system. These ladies stood up to the entities that would weaken and fracture our schools while not putting out a better product and said, no thanks.

Good job ladies!

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  1. Chris, you need to check your facts. The DCPS/DCSB has turned down quite a few charter school applications over the years but is regularly overruled by the State Board of Education, the group that has the final say. I bet you could confirm this with the district's School Choice office.

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