Becki Couch, we’re a 4-3 board

I will be honest Becki Couch’s first term was very frustrating. She basically sat on her hands for four years. However since her reelection she has been a fighter. Unfortunately for her and our schools she is in the three camp of a 4-3 board.

Listen at the 1:48 mark, to hear how she puts it.

This is a board not firing on all cylinders. Three members of the board, Couch, Wright and Hll, who were actual educators by the way want to fix our schools while four other members, Shine, Grimes, Smith-Juarez and Fischer, who were not educators with a superintendent who is in way over his head want to dismantle them, try gimmicks or throw paint against the wall and hope something sticks. .

Its worse though because the constituents that Couch, Hall and Wright represent don’t want the changes that the district is forcing down their throats and their representatives because they are outnumbered are powerless to stop them, a point Becki Couch makes.

Also listen to Grimes about 1:40, why aren’t we a team she bemoans, the gist behind that is if only Couch and the other would let her help privatize our schools then they could all meet at TGIFridays after the board meetings. 

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