Barbara Toscano, candidate for school board District 7

I have asked the school board candidates to send a statement about their qualifications and campaigns, as the come in I will post them. 

Barbara Toscano is a talented educator with diverse experience in teaching, educational study, educational research and curriculum writing. Growing up and teaching in Jacksonville, Barbara understands that a rigorous school system is imperative to community success.As the students graduate and enter the workforce or seek higher education, their knowledge-based will be the critical foundation for their acclimation and eventually contribution to the community as a whole. Being a Navy spouse, she adopted a world view of education by teaching and researching in Duval and St. Johns counties and St. Marys, MD as well in Germany and the Netherlands. She is dedicated to high standards for students and teachers and believes that significant reform must be made to continue driving student performance forward. She is a supporter of school choice and understands more resources are needed to ease the strains of community growth through District 7. As District 7 is the fastest growing district and the second highest contributor to the $1.7 billion budget, it must be considered when allocation of buildings and resources are discussed. Her current teaching position gives her a unique perspective that is focused on the skill mastery of students and understands the challenges facing teachers in delivering high-quality education without the needed aid of resources and support.

Barbara holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Florida in Communications and a Master’s degree in Education, Curriculum and Instruction, from Pennsylvania State University. Her educational research in Germany focused on Dual-Language Literacy and Language Acquisition in young school-age children giving her a deep and unique understanding of the struggles faced by English-Language Learners in the Jacksonville community. She also taught English-as-a-Second Language courses in the Netherlands further developing her skills and dedication to dual language education. Currently, she teaches English at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, works on the DA magazine team and writes teen fiction. She lives in Southside with her husband, Jason, her son, Sebastian.

Contact Information:
10052 Golf Club Drive
Jacksonville, FL – 32256

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Instagram barbtoscano

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