At the cost of 256 art teachers a year, Bill Gates learns wealth does not equal intelligence

Bill Gates spent 50 million over three years to build a
better mousetrap, that is teacher evaluation tool. By the way he could have
financed 256 teachers a year with that amount of money and that not his
research probably would make a difference.

The meat and potatoes of his study said that, basing
teachers evaluations on observations, test scores and student input are all unreliable
methods to evaluate teachers, however when you combined all three they somehow
made a magical formula that can tell what teacher is good and what teacher needs
to start getting their resume ready. I kid you not that’s what the study says.
From Reuters, Taken alone, each of those measures was fairly
volatile. Judging teachers primarily by student performance on state tests, for
instance, turned out to be highly unreliable, with little consistency from year
to year. Judging them chiefly by a principal’s observations failed to identify
those teachers who could be counted on to boost student proficiency on state
math and reading tests.
That’s right friends, somehow they combined three
measurements that don’t work into one measurement that does. Secure your trays
folks, up just became down, left right, black white, dogs are playing with cats
and it is now okay to jump on the furniture.

Bill Gates study did prove one thing and that is
wealth does not equal intelligence.

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