Ashley Smith Juarez vs Superintendent Vitti, notice how their stories don’t match up

I will let their words do the talking for them.

Vitti’s words

Vitti said he is willing to discuss and “evolve” his targets with board input or perhaps input from a third party.
“Those targets were a proposal to start a conversation; I’m in no way entrenched in those targets,” he said.
He said he believes targets are just statistical benchmarks against how other districts do; they’re not his vision for how Duval students will perform.
ASJ’s words
You have insisted this is the best you can do.  You have brought the same projections to the board twice and you and I have had at least two additional conversations when you defended your low projections.  You have not come forward with a plan to accelerate improvement nor have you incorporated the recent suggestions of the board.  When we last spoke, you told me, again, that you could do no better for children. 
Friends I can’t make this stuff up!
His words are from the Times Union and her words from her letter asking for his resignation.
What we have here is a board chair who has had enough and a superintendent flailing to keep his job.

8 Replies to “Ashley Smith Juarez vs Superintendent Vitti, notice how their stories don’t match up”

  1. All of a sudden Vitti is very receptive to the idea of a mediator…lol. Vitti has benefited from lowered expectations since he got here. It's time to give him the boot. At least someone–AJS– is demonstrating leadership skills.

  2. Vitti will most likely come out if this fine. Just like he did in Miami when he was investigated because of all the invalidated tests to make his turnaround data look good. He skated by then and Duval hired him.

  3. I pray that 3 of her board members will have the courage to stand with her and vote him out. He is now a lame duck and they have to finish him. Along with his entire administration: starting with Mason Davis and Iranetta Wright.

    1. Does she need 3 or just 2 more? You know Grymes & Shine think Vitti walks on water. You could never convince them otherwise because their jobs depend on them believing that.

  4. I like that the former executive director of the Chartrand foundation is the one spearheading this effort. Gives it some legitimacy. Gary must be sharting himself. This ain't personal. Just business. Surely they understand business.

  5. Problems are not only superintendent. As history reflects dcsb is corroded, tainted, and antiquated clearly NOT operating in our children's best interest. Also Chartrand brings NO good, has over stayed his visit, he, associates, cronies, next of kin can be on their way! Single handedly the Chartrand family has controlled and stirred the pot long enough.

  6. Whose fault is that? The school boards have not been the greatest. However since Nikolai Vitti's reign of payoffs and blackmail, the school board has allowed him to rule without any questions. If he had the skill set as a seasoned teacher and administrator, he would not have had to resort to those tactics to get what he wanted. He learned this through Miami Dade. Chartrand has always had his had in the school board, he just had someone (Vitti) that did not have the talent and courage to say no.
    We need to stop seeing this as a Duval County school board thing. It's Jacksonville period. We have the same people running for various offices to advance themselves. We see it at the city council level, other city governments, and state offices.

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