Ashley Smith Juarez doesn’t think Duval’s teachers should have raises.

First a little context. Last year Governor Scott made a big
to do about giving teachers a 2500 dollar raise. When it was all said in done teachers
in Duval got a slightly more than 2000 dollar bonus. Most districts did give a
raise but a few others did give bonuses too.
This year the state gave the district another 20 million,
with eased restrictions about how the money had to be spent. Becki Couch and
Ashley Smith-Juarez have made overtones that the money be spent elsewhere.
Where not thrilled by Mrs. Couch, she was a former teacher
and should understand how hard teachers work and how much of their own money
they spend but I am really galled by Smith-Juarez. This lady is a multi-millionaire
and here she is suggesting, hey lets use the money for something else.
From WJCT:  But also
not entirely off the table is the estimated $20 million in state funding
earmarked for teacher pay raises, which school board member Ashley Smith Juarez
and chairwoman Becki Couch noted during Tuesday’s meeting. Legislation
passed in the House and Senate allows districts greater flexibility in how to
use the money. The district is in currently the process of negotiating
teacher salary schedules with the Duval Teachers United union (DTU).
Once again there are alternatives,  the district having received 35 million in QEA
money to pay for their pet projects, much of which I think will be wasted and
they are sitting on double the statutory amount they are supposed to keep in
reserves too.
But as usual they think it is okay that teachers take it on
the chin.

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