Arguments against the class size amendment make little sense.

Three things you should know about the class size amendment in Florida that mandated classes be smaller..
It is one of the few reforms that has actual evidence that
says it works.
Education reformers hate smaller classes because it is money
that schools have to spend on teachers instead of tests and…
No teacher ever said; give me five more students and it will
make me better.
One of the arguments people like chair of the state board of
education, Gary Chartrand and ReDefined Ed blog writer Patrick Gibbons make
against the class size amendment is the money would be better spent elsewhere. Here
is the thing they fail to acknowledge, if the money wasn’t being spent on
smaller classes it wouldn’t be spent on education at all.
It’s not like in 2003 the Florida legislature was about to
say, hey district’s here is 20 billion dollars spend it how you like before the
class size amendment was enacted. No, education would not have seen a nickel of
that money.  It is a ridiculous argument to
say non-existent money would be better spent elsewhere.
So sure make the argument the money would be better spent on
other things, though some examples would be nice, but people like Chartrand and
Gibbons should keep quiet until the money is allocated first.

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