Are you %$#^ing kidding me, private school students to get free college/dual enrollment classes

In there continuing effort to do all they can to harm public schools, the Florida legislature slipped a provision into house bill 7055 that said private schools could have their students get dual enrollment/college classes for free, while public schools will have to continue to pay for them.  

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Florida’s private high schools will no longer have to pay for their students to take dual enrollment courses, thanks to a new state law, but the change could deliver a financial hit to the state colleges that offer teenagers those classes…

Public schools, which already pay for their students’ dual enrollment classes, will continue to do so. The Orange County school district, for example, paid Valencia College $1.3 million for 3,518 students to take college classes for the 2017 fall semester, district officials said…

But now state colleges will have to accept private school students without charging the schools for their tuition, a move that comes as the colleges face another financially challenging year.
The Senate sponsor of the measure said money to help the colleges could be provided in the future, though there is none for the coming year.
Sen. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, said he pushed for the change because Florida’s dual enrollment program has been “incredibly successful” in helping students complete a college degree in minimal time, and the state needs to make sure that all students, whatever high school they attend, can get a jump start on college, if they want.
The state’s smaller private schools sometimes struggle with the cost, he added, so their students lose out. “It’s a glitch where they don’t have the equal access that other students have,” he said.

You know who also has a hard time paying for things? Every freaking school district in Florida as the legislature continues to squeeze them.

It’s terrible for our colleges too as they will have to make up the money for the classes out of their budgets. The education hating legislature got a twofer, they were able to screw public schools and higher education at the same time.

How is this even remotely fair? Well the answer is it is not and it is just more proof that the republican in the Florida legislature are doing all they can to harm public schools. Is this what my republican friends voted for.

Well friends, when will enough be enough?

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  1. Although College tuition is highly inflated, Dual Enrollment should not be free for anybody. Public schools pay for the Dual Enrollment classes, but students taking those classes should pay a nominal fee for each Dual Enrollment class. Private Schools receiving free Dual Enrollment classes is insane.

  2. You are insane. I pay the same taxes you do, likely more in fact and do not use the services that I pay for like teachers, buses, local school administration…I can go on for days about what I pay for that I do not benefit from. It is ludicrous that my child would not get free dual enrollment off of MY tax dollars when it is open to public schools for free. Private school and home school children getting free dual enrollment is fair and common sense. Now if the public school system would learn how to work a budget maybe they would have less problems like underpaid teachers and lack of supplies for students.

    1. Um, hmm, you pay so much in taxes you want free stuff, wow you must be a treat to be around. Public schools have to pay for the classes and colleges won't be getting reimbursed from private school kids going there and yet you think that is fair that private school kids get dual enrollment for free. Well I disagree and what you want is welfare for the well off and that's disgusting.

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