Are you an education voter?

I am an education voter, that’s to say that is my number one
issue when deciding who to vote for. I believe that only through education will
America dig our way out of our financial morass and ensure that we have a
bright future. With that being said I think the president’s education policies
have been terrible. Race to the Top trades local control for pennies and its
policies, merit pay and charter schools have actual evidence that says they
don’t work.

Yet I am still going to vote for the president because
Romney’s policies are worse. Romney likes to tell people that Massachusetts was
number one in education under his watch but what he doesn’t tell anybody is
that the Massachusetts education system is made up of completely unionized
teachers, they practice last in first out, reward teacher experience and
education and charter schools have more restrictions on their growth than
anywhere in the country. Since all of those things have helped lead to success
we would call them best practices and responsible school systems should emulate
them. Romney however, despite the fact he has first hand evidence that they
lead to success rails against them. In short he doesn’t believe his lying eyes.
If education is important to you I wouldn’t be excited about
either but at the end of the day Romney’s positions are far worse than the presidents.
Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher

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