Are we creating students or robots in DCPS?

I am a member of the Recess for DCPS Facebook page and there was a heartbreaking post with equaly heartbreaking comments today. I have deleted the names of the parents but I don’t think that lessens the impact.

I just sent this email to my daughter’s principal:
“Is there is a reason students are not allowed to talk before school in the Second Grade hallway? My child tells me they are constantly berated for talking and told they must sit quietly and read. Our kids have so few opportunities during the school day for critical socialization. What harm is there in chatting with friends before school has begun? Last year she sat in the multipurpose room before the bell, and I know they could talk there. In Kindergarten they sat in the hallway outside of the classrooms and were allowed to read or talk before the bell. I am not comfortable with the expectation students sit silently prior to school. If there is some new policy in place I would ask it be revisited. If there is not, I would ask the staff be instructed to allow socialization at a reasonable level of noise.”

My son has told me repeatedly that they’re not allowed to talk during lunch. He’s also in second grade. What they’re expecting of these kids is asinine!

 I have volunteered 3 times this year at in my son’s kindergarten class and I told my husband it’s like boot camp…..Then, the teacher told me that’s what she felt like she wss running a boot camp….validating my thoughts. It’s like sit down, be quiet…..all day! Then to top it off, they have loads of homework. 

They are just making children hate school which WILL back fire. 
It’s so sad to me. It’s like a prison sentence now to go to school. Don’t they want to teach communication skills, building friendships and relationships? That is critically important development and growth and in the real world as well.

My daughter is in 1st grade and is in the multimedia room and is told they are not allowed to talk at all and get yelled at if they do. I asked her if they put books out like they did in the kindergarten hallway and she said no, that they tell them to ..

I want to steal this and send it to our principal! My 1st grader is not allowed to talk in the multipurpose room before the bell. They can read quietly and that’s it. It’s ridiculous.

 My child got in trouble (we got an email from the teacher) that she was talking to another child at another table at lunch!! Really? They aren’t allowed to socialize and talk to other children at lunch? This is insane. She is in kindergarten and comesSee More

 They are turning our schools into prisons. I will be bringing this up at the next SAC meeting for sure. 

 Yes they are!!! It is maddening, 

Frustrating and so upsetting to me as a parent seeing my child upset and struggling because she cannot be a child, be Curious, playful, none of that. They are 5,6,7 years old!

My child complains that she’s on “voice level zero” for most of the day. This is quite a change from her Kinder year where her class was considered her school family and they worked together, interacting throughout the day AND of course at DAILY recess.

 My son is non verbal and “makes noise” he isn’t quiet. Nor is nirmal to be quiet all the time. My daughter is 3 and im told by the teacher all thee time she talks when not suppise to. I say, well her mimmy dies too and it cant be fixed she learned from the best and wirh a non verbal son, i never tell her nit to talk, we pause

My daughter is in 5th grade and it has always been that way at her DCPS school since she was in kindergarten. Reading only and sitting quietly in the hallway. The schools are building little robots that have no social skills, are afraid to stand up 
I’ve been visiting our K-4 for a decade. It used to feel good. Then they started steadily eliminating everything that makes school soulful and memorable. Movement, speech, freedom to use the restroom, snack, recess, birthdays, holiday celebrations, Val.Valentines, library book battle, the second grade business fair, the fourth grade talent show. Last year was the last straw – I showed up the first week and saw the teachers had been outfitted with body mics and megaphones/bullhorns. I’ve spent my career in the criminal justice system; now our little mountain school feels much like the jail/prison system I know too well. Except the crime is childhood. Culturally, this is a devastating and terminal disease.

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  1. There is no doubt the art of conversation is dying. Unfortunately so are manners. I agree children should be allowed to converse in the mornings. I do think as usual educators are trying to capitalize on the little time they have to teach all that is expected. Parents have a role in teaching children how to discuss issues and talk politely to others. I have to wonder, are these the same parents who make excuses when their child misbehaves? There is a norm for school behavior that is important to the overall development of children and the understanding that there is a place and time for yelling and running around, but that is not in an academic setting. I have to wonder if these are the same parents who blog and text while out to dinner, or give their child a movie to watch in the car, or keep them inside all weekend, or keep them only in structured activities? We all have a part in raising our children. A teacher's part is in the classroom and does include listening and speaking. Children will be what we teach them to be and their biggest influence comes from the same sex parent. So parents, calmly tell your administrators what you would like to see and present solutions instead of problems and complaints. We are listening.

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