Are vouchers causing property taxes to grow?

From WJXT: The proposal approved Wednesday by the board would boost spending to $7,209.39 per student, an increase of $104.33, or 1.47 percent, over the current year.

However, only $50 million of the $475.9 million hike in funding would come from the state. The other $425.9 million would come from local property taxes that make up a key part of the formula for education spending. That approach has drawn criticism from Democrats and some Republicans, who equate it to a tax increase.

Well friends last year the Voucher program diverted over four hundred million dollars from the state coffers and this is a program that is allowed to grow by twenty-five percent a year.

Some people contend that vouchers save money and I will admit it is probably a lot cheaper to run a school that doesn’t provide as many services, than it is to run a district but in public schools buses still have to run, teachers have to teach and the lights cost the same whether there is 30 kids in a class or 20.  It diverts resources away and that has costs.

Then why do corporations get this tax break but people don’t, you know regular folds like you and me. Why can’t we take advantage of it and have the corporations pay their fair share to the state coffers? Oh its because we don’t matter.

Vouchers are a bad deal, for children and a bad deal for tax payers.

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