Another day, another threat from Scott Shine

I sometimes wonder if Shine is tossing and turning in his bed and his wife has to shake him awake, and he mumbles Guerrieri. Or if he sees my face in mirrors, just for a second, you know like in some movie. I heard the other day at Paneras he ordered a Guerrieri, when the cashier said, um excuse me, he shook his head and said, sorry a panini.

Well since today ended in Y (both literally and metaphorically) I received another threatening letter from Scott Shine. Here you go.

Ms. Young,

Pursuant to filing a formal complaint against Mr. Guerrieri, I am demanding all employment records the district possess in his file.  This demand is issue under the jurisdiction of Florida Statutes 119.  I am aware Mr. Guerrieri will be notified of this action and that it makes his file a public document that can be released to any and all sources. 

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Scott Shine

He didn’t cc this one to the city attorney just me, Sonitta Young and the superintendent.

I guess he is passing on my offer to hash it out. 

Um, if I am going to be notified anyway, why the email? Well I think he was trying to bully me, saying, hey G, I am going to release your personal file to any and all sources, hmm his bridge club I wonder? Nope probably the media.  To which I reply yawn, long time readers already know I had a misspent youth and a case of arrested development and also how the district unsuccessfully tried to suspend me in the spring on a ridiculous trumped up charge.

I will say I believe him doing so will do him a lot more harm. He already bullied the school board chair this week and now he thinks he can target me next. This is one of the seven board members by the way, the representative of district 2 who seemingly has little better to do than threaten yours truly. His skin is so thin it must be translucent.  

Up till now I have considered him a bit of a joke, a rich surfer guy filled with hubris thinking he has any business being on the board, a terrible member who is often ill prepared but now he is filling up my inbox and since it is fantasy football season and I have more serious things to read like fantasy football trades so enough is enough.   

I wrote him, the super and Mrs. Young back.

I am just going to ask for his stuff.

It’s a bit politer. JK I will google him if I need to.

All kidding aside superintendent Vitti and Mrs.Young, at this point Mr. Shine’s conduct has degenerated into harassment. His veiled threat to release my employment/personnel record is just another example, I can appreciate that we have not always seen eye to eye and the distinct possibility that you do not like me exists, that being said, if you are to allow this harassment to continue I will have no recourse but to review my legal options but I really don’t want to do that.I have kept my personal and professional life separate and always acted with my students best interests at heart and as an employee in good standing I deserve and expect your protection from a board member who is bringing into the work place a personal matter.

Thank You

So I will be meeting with the union and we will be mapping out what I should do next, and I imagine that means filing a grievance against him and maybe others if they allow his harassment to continue.

I get it he doesn’t like what I write and that’s his right,but I write what I do as a private citizen, not as an elected politician or as a teacher, he’s going to get that through his thin skin or I think he is going to have some explaining to do but not to me but to the public. 
Scott as you read this and your blood begins to boil, I have a bit of advice for you, grow up, you put on big boy pants when you ran for office, and if you didn’t know criticism was going to be part of the deal  and or you can’t take it then step down, you will be doing the city a favor. 

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  1. He really seems to believe that elected officials shouldn't be criticized. SMH…Maybe Vitti put him up to it, like when he had his wife stalk a SB member. Did you notice under SB minutes for 5/16/16 that it is going to be investigated?

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