Another day another attack on teachers

This time it came from a source you might not expect
National Public Radio. NPR, along with the Wall Street Journal, the Palm Beach
Post, US News and World Report and even our very own Times Union ran with a
report criticizing Teacher’s Colleges put out by the National Council on Teacher Quality.
Who is the
National Council on Teacher Quality? Good question. They are an off shot of the
conservative Florham Institute and all the usual suspects in the corporate
reform movement fund them.
Then there is
their methodology, which seems to wholly be a cursory review of college
catalogues and syllabus. No interviews, no site visits and no study about how
recent grads are doing. It would be like me looking at your trash and coming up
with a complete report of your life.
Here is the
thing, I want the right answer I don’t want my answer to be right which is what
separates most people who care about education and people like Jeb Bush, Bill
Gates and the writers of this laughable report. They don’t care about our kids;
they care about sound bites that will enrage low information citizens. It’s
shameful. NPR, which is now funded by Bill Gates, is shameful.
To learn more or
read the report click the links.

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