Another city official is thrown under Curry’s bus. Sam Mousa you have to know it’s coming (draft)

Here is the readers digest.

Joe Peppers head of the kids hope alliance felt pressured by two of Curry’s top lieutenants, to buy votes, err give micro grants of 10k without going through the normal procurement process.

Now that the story has broke, Peppers is under investigation and has been placed on leave. Welcome to Jacksonville.

From News4Jax,

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is now looking at the cellphone of the man who has led the city’s primary agency to help children for the past 16 months.
Joe Peppers, the CEO of Jacksonville’s Kids Hope Alliance, was placed on paid leave Wednesday while the city’s inspector general investigates. The nature of that investigation has not been made public.
Um, so the guy that was intimidated to do something he knew was wrong, on behalf of the family, to avoid biting the hand that feeds him, is being investigated????
What the beep?!? Come on man!
Where is the investigation into Sam Mousa who now has two squirley strikes against him, this and when he and Tim Baker while Mousa was a city employee attempted to extort nearly a half million from the district?
Where is the investigation into what Curry knew and when about that? 
Where is the investigation into Curry putting undue influence on his lackey in the OGC Jason Gabriel?
Is the IG beholden to Curry as well?
We look more like Chicago in the sixties and seventies than the bold new city of the south.

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