Another blue ribbon panel excludes teachers: only 2 out of 45 making recommendations are teachers

Today in the Times Union there was a big article about improving the teacher evaluation process. 45 members made up the group and of them only two were 2 teachers. That’s right friends, they brought two token teachers on board to discuss improving teaching.

We wonder why we have problems in education? Maybe its because those charged with educating are the ones always left out of the loop.

Finally I would just like to say that if you look at the list you will find a lot of the usual establishment suspects and if they establishment got us to where we are at, why should we continue to listen to anything they say.

Management Team 1.Terrie Brady, President, Duval County Teachers United
2.Nancy Broner, Duval County School Board
3.Zachary Champagne, 2010 Teacher of the Year
4.Trey Csar, President, Jacksonville Public Education Fund
5.John Hirabayashi , CEO, Community First Credit Union
6.Connie Hodges, President, United Way of Northeast Florida
7.Crystal Jones, Executive Director, Teach for America
8.Vicki Reynolds, Chief Human Resource Officer, DCPS

Coalition Members 1.The late Ann Baker, Community Volunteer
2.Joey Baker, FSCJ student and graduate of Peterson Academy
3.Martha Barrett, Duval County School Board and Bank of America
4.Tammy Boyd, Principal, Ft. Caroline Middle School
5.Jennifer Bridwell, Principal, Ft. Caroline Middle School
6.Dr. Carole Byrd, Dean of Education, FSCJ
7.Nancy Carter, Principal, Hyde Grove Elementary
8.Dr. Matt Corrigan, Chair of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, University of North Florida
9.Becki Couch, Duval County School Board
10.Dr. Larry Daniel, Dean of Education, University of North Florida
11.Julie Delegal, Save Duval Schools, journalist
12.Nancy Dreicer, District Administrator, Department of Children & Family Services
13.Dr. Lissa Dunn, Supervisor Teacher Induction, Duval County Public Schools.
14.W.C. Gentry, Duval County School Board and Business Leader
15.Karen Hanson, Supervisor, Community and Family Engagement, Duval County Public Schools
16.Preston Haskell, Chairman, The Haskell Company
17.Deborah Gianoulis Heald, Save Duval Schools
18.Charles H. Hood, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Rayonier (Strategic partner)
19.Melissa Kicklighter, President DCCPTA
20.Barbara Langley, President & CEO, Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership
21.Linda Lanier, President, Jacksonville Children’s Commission and Incoming Chair Florida Children’s Services Council
22.Wally Lee, President, Chamber of Commerce
23.Sherry Magill, President, Jessie Ball duPont Fund
24.Susan Main, Executive Director, Early Learning Coalition
25.Jim Milligan, Chief Financial Officer, Swyft Technology
26.Leon Mungin, Teacher, N.B. Forrest High School
27.Aron Muse, Director of School Based Staffing, Duval County Public Schools
28.Melanie Patz, Lead Staff, United Way of Northeast Florida
29.Roslyn Phillips, Chief Community Officer, City of Jacksonville
30.David Sillick, President and Publisher, Jacksonville Business Journal
31.Richard Spruill, Music Teacher, Chaffee Trail Elementary School
32.Jeff Stiles, Customer Response Director, State Farm
33.Dr. Crystal Timmons, UF/Duval Professor, Lastinger Center for Learning University of Florida.
34.Nina Waters, President, The Community Foundation
35.Mike Weinstein, State Representative
36.Chris White, Coordinator, Lastinger Center for Learning University of Florida.
37.Tina Wirth, Director, Chamber of Commerce
38.Colleen Wood, Executive Director, Save Duval Schools
39.Paula Wright, School Board Member

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