Another bad week for Florida’s charter schools

It is sad that you really can’t go a week in Florida without hearing about some charter school scandal. This past week they involved a charter school repaying a loan it never took from its founder, I believe that is called money laundering and how Broward County may be on the hook for nearly two million dollars in debt that several failed charter schools accumulated by lying and cheating.

 As The Post’s Andrew Marra reported, Eagle Arts founder and board Chairman Gregory James Blount awarded one of his companies a contract to design the art school’s curriculum. Blount had no education background, but his company made more than $125,000 off that contract. Another company Blount owns earned $7,500 from the school in consulting fees and stands to earn thousands in interest from a reported loan it made to the school for nearly $39,000.
Despicable, this guy wasn’t looking to educate children he was looking to get rich off lax charter school rules written by legislators who took campaign contributions from charter school operators.

Whats happening in Broward County might be worse.

Broward County schools may have to repay $1.8 million owed by two closed charter schools.
Obama Academy for Boys and Red Shoe Charter for Girls, both in Fort Lauderdale, agreed to close after frequent disputes with the district. But a recent State Auditor General report found the jointly owned schools could not verify their enrollments for the 2013-14 school year and therefore the state is owed $729,000. The district expects to be on the hook for another $1.1 million because the school also failed to keep proper enrollment records this past school year, said Patrick Reilly, chief auditor for Broward schools.

The state will likely withhold that money from future district allocations, even though the charter schools have closed.

First the kids that attended the schools most likely got shitty educations and have their entire lives hindered and second the loss of that money is undoubtedly going to affect even more children.

When are we gong to say having a for profit parallel school system run by mercenaries and    charlatans and that as a group performs worse than our public schools needs to go? When is enough going to be enough?
Check back next week for this weeks scandals.

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