Another administrator says “no thanks” to Vitti

This was in my in-box. -cpg

Bellamy has left too. They placed Zeina Khanachet, AP of Curriculum at Englewood High School (only two years at that position and as a administrator), to Bellamy’s principal position at Southside Middle.

Two years? Wow another data driven decision form our superintendent.

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  1. Thank you for living up to our First Amendment rights in providing transparency in the public sector. Your efforts keep the facts above the rumors.

  2. We get more news from Chris than from Khris. I went downtown to request last year's evals. Of course, they don't even know the law and tried to give me a hard time and claimed they were too busy. Why is it that everyone downtown can be "too busy" to do their jobs? I'm too busy with paperwork to teach, but a teacher could never say, "I'm too busy." We are just expected to work day and night on those 2-3 hr. lesson plans.

  3. More of the same bull going on in Duval County Public Schools. When will these Jacksonville people wake up and realize this man is going to destroy what is left of our public education system?

  4. Zeina Khanachet has done more for Southside Middle in the last 7 months than anyone has done in the last 10 years. I'm not saying that Duval County Public Schools doesn't have more than a lot of changes to do if they want to do anything to improve the public school system. However, speaking about Southside Middle School and Zeina Khanachet, I can personally say that I have seen her drive, ambition, and love for the school and the kids that go there. She is doing great things, and Southside will turn around, if for no other reason than Zeina Khanachet and her staff! I'm not giving credit to anyone above her, because we all know there needs to be changes on that end…but I will say that it was a GREAT call on Dr. Vitti's part to move Zeina Khanachet to Southside, REGARDLESS of her "2 year" experience as an administrator.

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