Alvin Brennan leaves First Coast

It’s unfortunate to me that he isn’t being escorted out by
security but him leaving by any means is good news for First Coast and the
As euphoric as people are I don’t think people should forget
it was Superintendent Vitti who placed him there and despite overwhelming evidence
and a community in revolt, said Brennan was one of the district’s best
principals and wouldn’t be going anywhere.  
Brennan either had pictures of somebody or knows where the
bodies are buried because there is no way he should have been hired let alone
If you need a reminder about how bad he was, here are some
posts to refresh your memory.
I could go on and on.

We should all be glad that he is leaving but we should not
forget the poor judgment of the superintendent’s part that both put him there
and kept him there. The teachers, students and parents of First Coast deserved
a lot better, hopefully now they will get it. 

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