All you need to know about last nights DCPS school board meeting!

This is what I learned at the latest school board meeting.
If the Global Outreach Academy’s grade drops to an F from it’s current D it will get a three-year contract.
If the SOS Academy improves to a D from its current F, it will be closed, but if it somehow gets to a C it will be given a one-year contract.

Then if the Tiger Academy’s grade climbs to a C, from it’s current D, the only grade it has ever scored it will be rewarded with a 5-year contract.
 These are all charter schools by the way.

Then I learned Jason Fischer has no problem voting for charters that have given him money.

He did it last month when he voted for the Charter School at Mandarin. It and its affiliates gave him 2k. Then he did it again voting to let the D rated Tiger academy renew for 3 to five years. It’s not clear because their 13-14-school grade isn’t out and the length of the contract will depend on the grade.  Its chairman gave him a thousand.

Does something seem wrong here?

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