Al Roker joins the anti-teacher bandwagon

NBC has those, The More You Know segments, Al Roker says
what the country needs is more good teachers. I reject the epidemic of bad
teachers narrative. The real problem with teachers is they don’t have a magic
wand, or magic beans or fairy dust, because that is what it will take for many
to be truly be successful as they are saddled with bad policies and a lack of
resources, doing their best with children who don’t come from much. Instead of
demonizing them for not being able to completely overcome the dehibilitating
effects of poverty, we should get on our knees and thank them because their
students would undoubtedly be much worse off with out them. Its poverty Al, not
a lack of good teachers that is holding us back.

Shame on you Al Roker, you just pooped your pants again.

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