Al Brennan principal of First Coast High school has no comment about his bullying

Teachers leaving in droves, those that remain report being miserable; that’s what is occurring at First Coast high school because an already very difficult job is made nearly impossible due to the bullying of the school’s principal Al Brennan and please don’t take my word for it, read the comments of any blog I post about First Coast or look at the survey it’s teachers completed.

Thus far the district has shrugged their shoulders at the problem there and in other schools around the district and when given a chance to defend themselves, Al Brennan had no comment. Ida Walker of Oak Hill however had plenty to say.

From the Times Union:  High staff turnover
means 13 of the school’s 30 teachers are new to the profession and “struggling
with the demands of the job, the demands of the curriculum, the demands of my
expectations,” said Ida D. Walker, principal.

The school’s
leadership team also is new, including two principals, a dean, a guidance
counselor, and reading and math coaches and “interventionists,” who work with
Walker, recently from
Tallahassee, said the school is under a deadline to improve or face possible
state takeover, transformation, closure or reorganization as a charter school.

“I’m balancing the sense of
urgency of turning around a persistently low-performing, high-needs school …
with building relationships,” said Walker. “The reality is the staff may be
still adjusting to my leadership style.”

Look it took guts to go on the record like that but her words speak volumes. Good leaders motivate, inspire and empower not wait for you to adjust to their leadership style. Also don’t they get it, if a teacher is miserable they are not going to be as effective as they could be no matter how hard they might try.

Mrs. Walker only 12% of your staff think your school is a good place to work and learn, maybe instead of waiting for them to get your leadership style its time you changed your leadership style.

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  1. If the media can access to these survey results, I assume the public can too. Where can we access them?

  2. Only considering the ones featured in the media I noticed that the principals of woodland estates and fort caroline elementry are white males. Brennan is a black male and the others are all black females. Thats fact not interpretation.

    1. What can Old Albert say?

      Well, other than pay me. Which brings up another thought…. that man is grossly overpaid. Is he on performance pay? He should be.

  3. His Wed in-service speech/presentation was epic. He berated the teaching staff in charge of testing students in the computer lab for allowing the students to basically destroy the computer lab. He was spot on, those teachers did a poor job. However those teachers need admin support in the area of discipline. Would've been nice if he mentioned the consequences associated with students defacing the computer lab. I guess he was too busy doing his favorite thing: threatening teacher's jobs and certs.

  4. She is probably getting a pat on the back by her friends Cagle, Davis, and Vitti. While those of us that work there are reading the lies that were published and remaining silent for fear of the consequences!

  5. This school has become unmanageable. Half the students are missing from class and can be seen running around the corridors and in the open space at the back of the school. A few of the students are learning. Most are not. Brennan has lost control even assuming that he ever had it.

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