After throwing the city’s schools and children, and W.C. Gentry under the bus, who will Lenny Curry throw next.

I hope the Jacksonville City Council understands that Lenny Curry does not have your back. That if he is willing to throw the city’s children and schools under the bus on behalf of a handful of mega donors with charter interests, and then lifelong republican and locally revered lawyer W.C. Gentry for following the law, it’s just a matter of time before one of them is next.

Now I don’t think it will be Aaron Bowman, no he is Curry’s attack dog, council president Scott “aww shucks” Wilson, while he is the president he is still needed or Rory “the only kids that have a chance are kids that go to charter schools” Diamond, his soul is just as black as Curry’s but for all the democrats that have “gone along” with his agenda, there time is bound to come. Heaven help them if the have a bout of conscious.

Tommy Hazour, Jac’coby Pittman, Brenda Preistly Jackson, better not waiver for a second or they will have tread marks all over them like W.C. Gentry does.

Nate Monroe had a great tweet about this,


In Curry’s world you are useful until you aren’t and then the bus comes. 

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