Accountability and Data are great for teachers but completely unnecessary for the super and school board.

That was the message they sent to teachers and the public
yesterday when they voted to extend superintendent Vitti’s contract.
The announced they had already decided to hold him harmless
for this year, and I remind you this comes one year after a historically bad
drop in student achievement here in Jacksonville, effectively gutting accountability.
They simultaneously mentioned that the districts third and tenth graders as
well as the districts teachers would not be getting a pass.  
In doing so they opted to ignore last year’s horrific data
and this years as well (maybe they know something we don’t). Who cares how we
do this year or how the QEA turns out they said, a lot of the members of the business
community, i.e. our donors really, really like him, so we’re going to extend
his contract for three more years.
The school board and the superintendent are always talking
about the need to use data and to have accountability but it appears it’s only
for other people not for them.
Hopefully the people of Jacksonville will remember this data
and hold them accountable at the next election.

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