A typical Tuesday in Florida Education

A typical Tuesday in Florida Education
Why would anybody think Florida’s education system
is messed up? Sheesh!
Florida has been the butt of too many Daily Show and
Saturday Night live jokes to count. Here is some more meat for the grinder.

From Politifact: In a split vote, the Board of Education decided to soften
school grades. The Southern Poverty Law Center filed a complaint
challenging the state’s race-based
education goals. Sen.
Marco Rubio
came out against federal Common Core standards — putting him
at odds with the state’s other potential Republican presidential contender, Jeb
Bush. And Bush bashed conservative
’ claims about Common Core.

Meanwhile, Education Commissioner Tony Bennett resigned following
allegations that he took steps to prevent a charter school led by a prominent
Republican donor from getting a “C” in Indiana, where he formerly
held a similar job. Bennett’s resignation led to renewed arguing about
Florida’s school grading system. http://www.politifact.com/florida/statements/2013/aug/23/pam-stewart/florida-education-commissioner-gives-props-states-/

Add in Rick Scott calling for an education summit he didn’t attend, preferring
to later meet with Jeb Bush, John “he who has the gold makes the rules”
Thrasher, and state board of ed chair Gary Chartrand who was just coming off
some controversial remarks about Florida’s values and homosexuality upsetting
people at the summit, and that’s what we call any old Tuesday.

I am closing my eyes now.


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