A third of all Duval’s teachers leave every three years

In a Times Union article bout Ed Pratt-Dannals final state of the district it mentioned, 

But not everything
about the school district went well during Pratt-Dannals’ tenure.
He pointed out that the school district
loses almost a third of its teaching corps in a three-year span. He said he’s
unsure why that’s happening, but a new teacher evaluation model he is working
on might give the district some clues.

I don’t need a new teacher evaluation model to tell me what the problem has been. If he wouldn’t
have marginalized teachers, gutted discipline, destroyed rigor and made
management personnel decisions based on whom they know rather than ability we
may have done a little better.
One foot out the door
and he is still clueless.

Read more at Jacksonville.com: http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2012-10-02/story/outgoing-superintendent-touts-read-it-forward-jax-final-schools-address#ixzz28Bwu81dB

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