A round up of Superintendent Vitti’s evaluation.

When looking at Superintendent Vitti’s evaluation a couple things struck me. The first was he did really well on the touchy-feely metrics, you know the ones where the school board gave their personal opinions about his performance. He however did abysmally in the categories based on actual facts and data. The ones that spoke about our districts performance.
How the board feels the super is doing must trump how he is actually doing because despite the terrible quantitative numbers a few board members are talking about extending his contract. Let me suggest we wait until we have some actual success before doing so.
The next thing was I was appalled that he felt he could joke about being evaluated the same way teachers are, with fifty percent of evaluation coming from school data. He called it a rookie mistake. I guarantee you that most teachers with corresponding evaluation numbers wouldn’t be laughing they would be afraid they were about to be out of a job. 
Finally Scott Shine our  freshmen school board member who probably doesn’t even know what he doesn’t even know yet gave the superintendent 48 out of fifty highly effectives (4) and two effectives for a stellar average of 3.96. How is that possible? If Scott Shine isn’t going to take his responsibilities seriously then why did he run for the board? I hope it wasn’t so he could add another line to his resume.
Our public schools which I sincerely believe are the best things going here in town, despite the super and board not because of them are not going to reach their potential with results like above.

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