A new Florida law wants to end the practice of charters counseling out poor academic performers. WTF!!!!

You should read that again. The legislature admits it’s
a problem and such a big problem that they are going to pass a law preventing

From Redefined and House bill 7209

 Create new rules for charter school facilities
funding, aimed at outlawing “private enrichment” and creating financial
incentives for charters to serve large numbers of low-income and special needs

Enact other charter school reforms,
like barring them from counseling out students for low academic achievement.

Public schools don’t council out poor
performers, instead the roll up their sleeves and do the best they can.

 Then despite that and the fact over 300 charter schools have failed, tens of millions of dollars have been wasted, as a group they don’t perform better than public schools and that was before the legislature was going to make it against the law to counsel them out poor academic performers, despite all this failure and dubious practices Tallahassee is also seeking to make them easier to open and to have local districts share their local property tax money with them, taxes that since they are exempt from, charters don’t pay.

What am I missing here? When is
enough, enough? 

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