A little more on the insanity that is Florida’s teacher evaluation system

These are comments from readers and I felt where very different were both really good and talk about some of the flaws in the system. -cpg

We should stop pretending that the current evaluation system is anything resembling objective. Administrators have too much latitude to interpret the rubric to their own personal liking when they observe a classroom. We have seen far too many examples of principals who have made up their minds long before they stepped into a single classroom. They are out there to reward their friends and cronies. They are also out there to demoralize and condemn their perceived foes in the classroom. This is why CAST needs to be seriously reformed. Politics is all over this evaluation system and it is shameful. 

conversation about test scores connects with teachers eval is endless. Its just
like saying i failed in school not because i was lazy or lack of self-drive,
but i failed in school because my mother didnt take away my video games or my
ipad and didnt drown me for spending too much time facebooking instead of doing
homework, and lastly i failed in school because my teachers didnt offer me a
pencil and a calculator during a math test and my english teacher didnot have
an extra “to kill the mocking bird” book for me to borrow !!!! Gezzz
i am sick to the stomach of not just the system and the bureaucracies but of
the irresponsible kids we raise at home!!!!

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  1. If you see a child who is ripping the wings off of a butterfly, you know that child may have the aptitude to become a public school principal. While claiming to be working for 'accountability' and 'reform,' so-called education leaders can tear down teachers for reasons only known the them. Administrators have the power to dress up their abuse in 'edu-speak' that successfully rationalizes their sadistic ways.

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