A complete lack of respect for Jacksonville’s African American community

I am just going to get right to it. The Jacksonville Public Education fund has partnered with the Community Foundation to funnel funds into so of our struggling schools which also happen to be predominately black. I disagree with a lot of the plans, a few I think are okay, but the bottom line is I think we need better programs and leadership more than money, this however is not about that.  

It’s about the Community Fund, before you read any further click the link and meet them.


Not to be flippant but I bet they could have found a more racially diverse bunch at a Klan meeting. Now I am sure they are all nice people who really care but in the immortal words of Deion Sanders, come on man!

Did they go into the African American community and solicit their ideas? Did they bother to ask them how they felt and what they thought? If they did I bet Teach for America wouldn’t be heading into the North and West sides of town.  WOW, basically the same group that caused the problems through neglect, the white establishment, is now being charged with fixing them.

Oy vey.

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  1. If they want to have the problems fixed all they need to do is get their BUTTS out of Black people's communities. I just can't understand how Black people still trust and tolerate them considering how they treated our fore-parents throughout the history of our country. Until now, rich White people (the great pretenders) consider Blacks as USEFUL IDIOTS.

    A conference of teachers right here in Jacksonville could, if released from the current oppression, identify all of the problems facing our public schools and provide pragmatic solutions for solving them.Teachers are oppressed by politicians using our own tax dollars. Why can't parents and the communities at large not see this? Politicians ARE NOT educators. Administrators are either not educators or just mediocre educators. ITS TEACHERS THAT MOLD A NATION. Politicians make policies and Administrators administrate. But teachers teach and mold young minds.

  2. Black teachers are aware of the problems facing our Black schools and of the fact that Black Principals with 6-figure salaries are used by Rich White People to undermine the education of our black kids while making a fortune out of the process. This is a White Strategy similar to the strategy used so many years ago by White Slave Masters who used Black African Chiefs to kidnap and sell their Black Brothers into slavery.

  3. Do you know that in Jacksonville's Urban Schools where courses do not require an FCAT Exam or A State Mandated End of Course Exam, Principals use Unqualified Substitutes to Baby Sit some of those classes for the purpose of balancing the schools' budgets? And, do you know that at the end of the year those students are given a passing grade? For instance, think First Coast High School. You see, when the Administration treats teachers like faeces, some one of them will let the pig out of the bag.

  4. Chris, the only program needed is to let academia retake control of the schools and chase the politicians and money tigers out. I foresee a crisis much larger than just the Public School System. It will require teachers, parents, students, and every Jane and Joe to stand up and say enough is enough. It will not be easy and it will get much, much worse before it gets better, because the repressive class will not easily relinquish their strangle hold over the people, and the money they obtained from 'legal extortion' and which they hoard. Do not be afraid, the Administrators will also come along; they are also feeling the heat and will embrace the same teachers they are coerced to trample on. The UNITED STATES of AMERICA has already become a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY for more than half of its population. Prayer for Divine Intervention is needed.

  5. 35 Principal changes to take place for 2015 – 16 school year! Notice that 19 or 20 of them are AP's being promoted, which constitutes big savings in salaries. Next, the constant leadership shake-up at many of our schools and corresponding destruction of the education process are testimonies that Vitti is doing his job in accordance with the mandate given him by his boss – the GROCER – CHARTRAND. So, you bet when long-time Arlington Elementary parent and former School Advisory Council Chair James Mizelle states that he plans to enroll his two children in private school this fall, it is welcome news for Vitti, Chartrand, and other such elements who are in the business of destroying public education and replacing it with CHARTERS for HUGE PROFITS. Unfortunately, if you are accustomed to constantly sucking on half-medium-rear stakes you cannot understand how karmic law works.


  7. One day while talking with my Black neighbor, a fine gentleman who served 20 years in the middle, we soon embarked on the topic of education. So,I told him that my observation reveals that most Black parents and their students, of the urban environments, seem to care about grades but not education. (I worked at 2 Jacksonville urban schools). His reply was, "that's it, that's how it has always been. I grew up in the projects and when we went to school we were just given grades, we didn't have to do anything, really. We were given grades all the time, and at the end they gave us a graduation diploma".

  8. It is very unfortunate that Superintendent, Nicolai Vitti, and several of his Administrators as bullies toward their teachers. And, this is all being done for following three (3) reason:
    1. Vitti and his bully deputies have to be politically correct.
    2. Vitti and his bully deputies have the power to trample on teachers.
    3. Vitti and his bully deputies have their EGOS constantly satisfied by the
    HUMILITY and FEAR they discern in their teachers – highly qualified persons
    with Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees.

    Unfortunately, Vitti and his bully deputies are unaware of any human spirituality. They consider themselves the "doer" which is a false notion produced in their minds. All this does is to push them away from their true "Self" into the quagmire of mind and delusion. These are poor souls. I pray that they come to the realization that they are the Self and that they start cultivating one good quality after another. These beings are constantly afforded the great opportunity to treat their great teachers with dignity.

  9. Have you'll seen how strong Duval County education is getting; just look at the "exceptionally strong" teacher they advertise on their website. I'm just being facetious because they used the poor guy to advertise such a bad brand as "Duval County Public Schools". By the way, I saw this guy before. If he's still teaching his social studies, I'm glad for him; poor guy was worried at the end of 2012/13 school year about whether he would get another ONE YEAR CONTRACT to teach at FIRST COAST. Imagine the desperation!

  10. The constant harassment of teachers by Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) is the big reason they're running away to St Johns County Schools District (SJCSD). DCPS has MINT and CHAMPS as some of their harassment tools. SJCSD does not add any unnecessary burden on their teachers, in addition to those with which the politicians in Tallahassee already yoked them. Do you know why I used the word "YOKED"? Well, in some third world countries jack-asses and jenny-asses are yoked to some two wheel carts, called donkey carts, from early morning until night. That seems to be the fate of DCPS teachers. At least that was how burdened I was when I worked for DCPS. BTW, you can bet that SJCSD does not have to look far and long to get their vacancies filled; they just advertise and a host of DCPS teachers come running.

  11. The majority of schools in Duval County are really DAY CARE INSTITUTIONS and the Principals are really Directors who do not really impact the children, educationally. These Principals and their AP's play along with the status quo to assure continuity of their HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR SALARIES.

    Think about it, does an administrator teach or administrate? But look at some of their Linked-in profiles and you will be shocked to see how many students they made pass the FCAT 2.0 exams, and how many teachers they trained in BULL S&!T, and so forth. People that is all BULL S&!T, LIES, and FOOLERY. The only thing ADMINISTRATORS do for students is round them up in the mornings when the First Bell Rings and after that they muster them into testing rooms. Their other important functions are to HARASS and INTIMIDATE TEACHERS and hold numerous BULL S&!T meetings. Its TEACHERS that affect eternity; these BLESSED SOULS are the ones that impact children's lives and are remembered until the FINAL BREADTH. The KLAN MEMBERS have no place in children's lives; they lurk in DARK PLACES looking to see how much money they could siphon away from hard working taxpayers pockets to their own.

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