8 of Jacksonville’s high schools in the bottom 25 (out of 404)

8 of Jacksonville’s high schools in the bottom 25 (out of 404)

I don’t think it is fair to compare Duval to St. Johns or Cay or other neighboring districts. Quite frankly our district is both a lot bigger and a lot poorer.

But what about comparing our district to Miami Dade. They have three times as many kids and an even higher percentage of students receiving fee and reduced lunch. In last weeks rankings of districts they were 37th and we were 50th! We have eight high schools in the bottom 25 and they have five and nearly three times as many high schools too.

Look I am sure Miami Dade has issues, but many of them are the same as ours and they are doing a much better job handling them.

The problem here is our leadership. Since Pratt-Dannals became superintendent, rigor has been gutted, discipline has been gutter and he has greatly contributed to teacher morale being gutted. His constant all is well message is both wrong and does the city a disservice by giving it a false sense of security.

It’s time we thanked him for his service, gave him a gold plated watch and had him hit the road.

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