20 fights at Lee High School today

That’s what the text I received said and it came from somebody who if they said it was raining Dr. Pepper I would go get a cup.

This on the heels of the school board suspending a Vice Principal who broke up a fight protecting other students and staff and we shouldn’t forget all the security staff who got the axe this year as the super wanted to get some new shiny toy or another..

The super’s restorative justice initiative is a fiasco and one that courts tragedy and friends make no mistake by letting the students run the schools unhindered by both discipline and consequences for poor behavior then we are heading right towards one.

There may be elements of it that could be lauded, I have I have long thought schools need social workers and mental health counselors because so many of their problems and anger have nothing to do with school but like with many of the districts initiatives the roll out has been terrible.

Discipline is hard but ignoring it only exacerbates the problem and creates more as normally good kids see that they too can get away with anything. We don’t have to be cruel, make ISSP mean something, have Saturday detention, make them clean the school grounds and require parents to shadow kids for a day, we can be creative but kids need consequences not hugs for poor behavior and for a consequence to be meaningful it has to be mean something and hanging with ones friends in ISSP for a period doesn’t.


Here is a little more: http://www.firstcoastnews.com/story/news/local/2015/04/17/lee-high-lock-down-fights/25934369/ 

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    1. The code of conduct is followed, it's just IMPOSSIBLE for a student to get any real punishment as it is written.

  1. Bunch of animals. But there are some people who want those black students to act like animals. There's no profit in the cure, but the treatment? $$$$$$$$$.

    Students with 5 or more class disruption referrals or fights should be suspended for 5 days at a time–no make up work. Students gets suspended and teacher have to provide him with work while he is suspended. Insane. Isn't that called a vacation ?

  2. To previous posters: Agree that the only consequence is for teachers who write referrals. And it annoys me as well that when student is suspended, I am the one punished with more work. I refuse and just give them make up work when they return. DTU won't enforce contract when it comes to discipline. Why?

  3. Okay, I've said this to friends — privately: Will teachers continue to complain (with just cause) OR are we willing to take the needed bold move? What is this move? We need to walk off the job. Yes, we need to call in sick, whatever, since we can't "strike" in this state. I want to see Vitti and his supporters step into Lee and Westside and others. Let the boss try to do our job with students who KNOW we, teachers, have NO power. Well, we DO have power, but will be take the bold move. We can change this nightmare. We can do this for the great kids who want a quality, safe education. We can do this for society. And we can do this for us so we won't pace the bedroom floor on Sunday night. I will help organize this and reveal my identity to Chris if there are supporters. It's time to act. Enough with the chaos from cowardly players who pretend to lead the district forward but are, in fact, destroying what matters most: our youth.

  4. We can't strike, but neither can police or fire. Still, their unions fight hard for their members and drive a hard bargain during contract negotiations. DTU is supposed to enforce the contract and file grievances when administrators refuse to follow the contract. Our working conditions are DTU's responsibility.

    Here's a legal alternative: work to the letter of the contract. Don't come in early or stay late. Don't take work home. The contract/shmontract says we don't have to. Don't sponsor a club. Don't work through your duty-free lunch. Don't allow students back in your class until the referral has been handled and you have a copy in your possession. Call the union! The contract is reasonable and just. If only the union would enforce it, instead of being, in the words of Emporer Vitti,"the most accommodating union in the country."

  5. Two of the comments begin with the words "we can't" and this why teachers are in this horrible situation. Start seeing the power, the choices we do have. Stop relying on DTU — isn't President Brady's sister an administrator? Is the contract enforced? Has it been enforced in recent years? Why have so many union reps left the district? Is the Tooth Fairy real? Come on, folks. Time to make a choice and it's not "work to the letter of the contract." That, too, will get you a poor evaluation and eventual termination. As long as educators give their power away, nothing will change. What I do know is this: I come from a long line of educators, including those who were Teacher of the Year in various states. None of the young people in our family are going into teaching. Why? Because they see the extreme challenges and the lack of needed action from educators. So one is fired — there are other jobs. Stop living in fear and false hope. Start facing reality. Be willing to take a risk. That's how we founded this nation, not with caution but in courage.

  6. Striking is illegal in FL. You can show courage while following the law. That's what King did. Follow the law. It pisses them off!

  7. To Anonymous 1: Retro pay? Seriously, this is how you measure the success of an education organization? Hmmm, what about 30 pieces of silver …

    To Anonymous 2: You say show courage by following the no-strike law in FL and that will piss THEM off? No, sir or madam, that will make THEM smile for you want to play THEIR game by THEIR rules and you believe you can win. No, correction, THEY aren't smiling, THEY are ROTFLOL.

  8. Chris, hadn't read your post on Clay schools until after I sent my last comment, which also referenced "30 pieces of silver." Great point with Clay, so please correct my latest post to "chump change" as regards retro pay instead of Biblical quote. Thanks!

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