Tommy Hazouri, says 211 million is nothing, sets price for extortion (draft)

Last night’s city council meeting where not unexpected was still disappointing.

From Scott Wilson clearing the gallery to various members swearing fealty to the civic council, people had a lot to choose from on the disappointment menu.

Perhaps most disappointing however was Tommy Hazouri. Him knowing more than most about our schools needs and that the school board does not work for city council did not stop him from saying some outrageous things.

Hazouri said since 11 percent of Duval kids were in charter schools they should get 11 percent of the referendum and that was only 211 million dollars, he said it like it was nothing. He said he was disappointed that the board didn’t feel the need to give charters that money and with contempt in his voice let them know.

Think about that, the former mayor first dismissed 211 million dollars like it was nothing, and then scolded the school board for not giving into the city council’s extortion. This is what politics has become. We are Transactionville and Hazouri has embraced it, except what he wants only benefits him.

Hazouri endorsed Lenny Curry and then betrayed the city’s schools and children and he was rewarded for it by becoming the vice president of the council and I am sure this time next year he expects to be president.

Here is the thing though, we have a mayor and a bunch of council members who have shown that they are willing to shirk their duties on behalf of  handful of donors and throw kids under the bus, does anyone think they are going to keep their backroom deal with Hazouri?

My bet is they won’t and Hazouri will have thrown away his reputation and legacy for nothing and that will actually be a good day because anyone willing to sell out children for personal gain deserves neither.

Tommy ya done messed up.
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Tommy it’s not how you start, its how you finished and you have finished poorly.


Boylan and Priestly-Jackson come to Jesus, Hazouri continues to disappoint

Boylan and Preistly-Jackson came to Jesus all be it though kicking and screaming, and supported passing the school tax referendum to the city council for a full vote while Tommy Hazouri continued to disappoint by voting to withdraw the referendum.

I say they came kicking and screaming because after they supported it, they both gave soliloquies explaining their reservations.It’s unclear if they were sending their thoughts to the school board or if they were telling King Curry they felt like they didn’t have any choice and pleading for forgiveness.  

Similarly Freemen and Pitman during the fiance committee which more resembled a roast of the school board, vote not to withdraw, though its unclear if they will ultimately support the referendum.

From the Times Union,

“I have genuine concerns with how this process rolled out,” Rules Committee member Brenda Priestly Jackson said. “I’m in support, but I want the school board to understand this is going to be largely on them to push and advocate for. I’m not sure the level of engagement is where it needs to be in order to pass.”

Boylan wasn’t much better but I guess at the end of the day them supporting it is what counts.

Hazouri on the hand double down on his legacy destroying stand.

Make sure you real all three of Times Union reporter, Emily Bloch’s tweets

He parrots Scott Wilson’s lie.

He criticizes the school board for not giving into their demands for charter schools.

Then complains they aren’t getting any answers which is a lie he tells all on his own. They have gotten answers, he just doesn’t like them.

Next year when King Curry cuts him loose and he goes from vice president of the council to vice chairman on the crossing guard committee I am going to laugh my ass off.

We all know what you did Tommy and its pretty deplorable.

The city council just wants more questions answered, I want one answered too, why won’t the school board sue?

Here is a brief synopses of the Finance meeting
Hazouri who is in for a rude awakening next summer when he is passed over for city council president. Remember Tommy to Lenny Curry you are only useful until you aren’t continued to complain his questions had not been answered. Hazouri who should know better knows all his questions have been answered and he just didn’t like one of them, the no, the district gave when told to share the tax referendum with charters.
He also parroted Wilson’s lie about the school board not reaching out to the city council. Say goodbye to that legacy Tommy.
Next DeFoor said he googled master plan and found one from Pennsylvania that looked different. Excuse my language and if you are a regular reader of the blog you know I never use expletives but this calls for maybe my first, I shit you not, that may be paraphrased but it is what he said. This poor excuse passes for leadership in Jacksonville? It is no wonder we can’t shake our Cowford beginnings.    
Salem was refreshingly honestly when she said, she wants a proportional share of the referendum with charters because they are just important to her. Where honest it is pretty deplorable. It’s unfortunate that most of the city’s children and schools that have real needs aren’t.
Then Bowman, the mayors attack dog, just launched into a stream of conscious list of lies, half-truths and characterizations culminating with he expects the AG to confirm the OGC’s mind-numbingly bad ruling.
These are the facts the people of Jacksonville should be most concerned with right now.
The super and board have also released a plan, 5 dollars for security, followed by deferred maintenance followed by projects based on need.
The school board could answer every question about the 15 year, 1.2-billion-dollar plan that covers 150 schools and 113 thousand students, show every detail and the city council still wouldn’t care because they only thing they care about is a proportional share of the tax referendum with charters. Nothing else matters. We are watching the extortion of our schools on behalf of a handful of donors unfold on twitter.
It is time to sue, past it, way past it in fact.

Tommy Hazouri’s usefulness is about to come to an end (draft)

Tommy Hazouri should know better? Sadly a desire to be city council president, something I can’t see happening has trumped this man’s decency.

He knows the schools have tremendous needs and he knows the school board does not work for the city council but to his shame he went along with city hall’s attempt to takeover the city’s schools. 

To make matters even worse, he is tone deaf as well.

From the Times Union,

City Council member Tommy Hazouri said that at some point the council needs to vote on the School Board’s request for a referendum.
“It looks bad for us,” Hazouri said. “It looks bad for them. It looks bad for the community. I know we want to do it right, but at what point will it be right for us? Will we ever get all the answers for all 19 council members?”

He is absolutely right, what has happened looks really bad for the city council. Fighting against schools and children on behalf of a handful of donors was bound to do that.

What’s happening however hasn’t made the school board look bad. If anything it has garnered them a lot of sympathy as everyone roots for the little guy fighting city hall.

He is right again, when he says this looks bad for the community. Having a city hall fight against its own schools is probably going to leave a bad taste in the mouth of any potential businesses and people looking to relocate. This has without a doubt given the city a black eye and needlessly as well.

As for the city council members getting all their answers, that’s laughable because there is only one question that this has been about, and that is who will control the school boards real estate and budget. The duly elected school board or the mayor and city council’s donors. 

Tommy in Lenny Curry’s world you are useful until you are not and I have a feeling your usefulness is about to come to an end.

We should let the local democratic party know that Tommy Hazouri’s conduct was unacceptable

In the world of professional wrestling, when a hero suddenly and inexplicably turns bad it’s called turning heal. That’s what Tommy Hazouri did Tuesday afternoon when he once again threw the school board and the city’s children and schools under the bus. The thing is politics in Jacksonville is about as fake as the world of professional wrestling because he didn’t do so because the referendum was bad policy or not needed, he did so to serve his own selfish desire to sit at the table with the city’s movers and shakers. Spoiler alert Tommy they may slap your back and light your cigar and celebrate the kneecapping pf public education, but they are never going to let you have a seat of the table. You sacrificed your mediocre legacy to get a wink and a nod from people who have only their own interests at heart. 

Why did Tommy turn heal something he has been telegraphing since he endorsed Curry? My bet is he wants to remain relevant and that is more important than his values, if he ever really had any. More than any other city council person he should have both understood how serious the problem with our schools is and that the school board doesn’t work for the city council, but instead of standing up for what is right, he dived head first  into the fray undermining the board and referendum at every turn. 

They say absolute power corrupts absolutely, but it didn’t take that for Hazouri, no, all it took was a terrible ruling by a city attorney that usurped the power and responsibility of the school board and the position of vice chair on the city council. This will be his legacy, 30 years ago, he got rid of some tolls, he spent the next 3 decades feasting from the public trough, and then sold out the city’s teachers, children and schools, in a Pyrrhic attempt to remain relevant. A sad end to a mediocre man.

We should reach out to the democratic party of Jacksonville and ask the censure Hazouri, who at this point is just a democrat in name only.

Let them know his behavior is unacceptable.

Tommy Hazouri sells out the city’s schools, children and teachers, @#$% that guy

and this time $#%^ means what you think it means.

AG Gancarski had this on his twitter feed hours after the council dashed most hopes to get the tax referendum on the November ballot,

Overheard after meeting : “Tommy Hazouri threw us under the bus.”

Hazouri threw them under the bus…

Hazouri turned heel tonight and we should have seen the signs for weeks now. He traded an endorsement for Curry so he could be vice chair of the city council and today he threw the school board and the city’s children, schools and teachers under the bus and for what? Not for his legacy which will permanently be tainted but so he can sit at the table with the civic council.

He should have been a champion for the referendum, he was on the school board and knows how dire things are, not that he did anything while he was on it except cash a check.

Hazouri represents all that is wrong in the city a mediocre lifetime politician living off the public dole scratching and crawling to be relevant. I have more respect for Mat Schellenberg he at least embraces his disregard for our schools, where Hazouri tries to lay on schwarmy charm before sticking a knife in their back.

For shame, for shame.