Gary Chartrand says not giving hundreds of millions to charter schools is discriminatory, wow this guy.

This guy, oy vey.

I want to remind you all that Gary Chartrand is a millionaire who doesn’t live in Jacksonville who sent his children to an exclusive and expensive private schools, who not only never taught a day in his life but is owed over three million by the KIPP charter school. Then after giving truckloads of money to the mayor and most of the city council is fighting with his conspirators on the civic council against the tax referendum which would repair and upgrade our schools and that would finally keep some of the decades old promises to our communities of color.

This guy thinks the school board not giving into his allies attempting to extort hundreds of millions from schools that desperately need it, is discriminatory.

This guy,

Gary Chartrand Scott, thank you for doing your job with integrity . Name calling by former mayor Godbold is childish and unhelpful. The master plan is full of holes . I would be happy to explain it to him. It’s too expensive, its not realistic on student enrollment projections and it is discriminatory against students that choose a PUBLIC charter. This plan can be tweaked and passed if the DCSB would collaborate .

Maybe he should leave his mansion in St. Johns county move to Duval and run for the school board, though I guess he thinks its just easier to buy a mayor and a handful of city council members.

Does anybody see how tone deaf and obsessed this guy. He is saying 113 thousand public school kids can’t get what they need so 16 thousand charter school kids can get more.

They already get huge tax incentives, PECO money, grants and his school gets millions more but its not enough, it will never be enough. His greed knows no ends.

In Video games you fight a lot of little foes and bosses before you come to the big bad, the ultimate villain in the game. Well in the tax referendum story is written there will be plenty of villains, most of the city council, Lenny Curry, Sam Mousa and Tim Baker among others but without a doubt Gary Chartrand is the big villain of the story.

Ron Salem tells the school board, listen to the Civic Council or else

At 24:38 Ron Salem with a wink says listen to the Civic Council or else.

He says any organization that wants input into this process and obtain and consider their comments, he has got a lot of analysis that makes a lot of sense to him.

Gary Chartrand and the Civic Council are fighting against our schools getting the resource they need Ron Salem is more than happy to carry water for them.

If you want to check his donors, the civic council is well represented.

How much money has the Civic Council given Lenny Curry? It’s a lot!

Did you know that CC members Baker and Chartrand, in addition to having close ties to charter schools and fighting against the tax referendum have given Curry’s campaign thousands of dollars, and gave his super pac Jacksonville on the Rise, tens of thousands of dollars.
Civic Council Members- Curry campaign and Pac Donations
Douglas Baer- 2,500
John Baker- 3,000- 75,000
Edward Burr- 1,000- 4,000
Gary Chartrand- 2,000 – 50,000
Tim Cost- 1,000
Susan Wiles- 1,000- 500
Steven Halverson- 1,000
Preston Haskell- 2,000- 10.000
Rusty Newton- 2,500
Peter Rummell- 2.000- 50,000
I just wanted to leave this right here as well.
from the most recent tax returns available on guidestar one of the three charities that take care of the KIPP school.
Unless the City attorney changed the meaning of the word due, that money is owed to Baker and Chartrand.
The fight against the referendum isn’t an idealistic policy debate, it is about the greed of several rich donors and a mayor willing to do their bidding, and noting else.

KIPP spends almost double what DCPS spends per pupil, and it’s owners and Mayor Curry want to give them more

According to great schools here is the enrollment of the KIPP schools.

KIPP Jacksonville k-8 310
KIPP Impact   779

Their budget for the upcoming school year is 14,662,175 bucks.

Which would mean they spend 13,445 per student or you know almost twice what is spent on a DCPS student

Say great schools if off by 351 kids and they really have 1,440 which their expansion a few years back said they could expand to, then they still spend a little over ten thousand.

How accurate are my numbers? My bet is they are off some, not a lot, but some. KIPP has traditionally spent about a half more per student and my numbers above indicate it may be even more than that.

This year alone they received 2,631,000 extra in tax payer money. While public schools have been starved. Why do only the kids at KIPP matter to Lenny Curry, Gary Chartrand and the civic Council?

I think KIPP does a mediocre job with the resources it has and any public school given its resources would far exceed what it does, but what is really infuriating, is the civic council despite KIPP spending almost double per pupil is fighting to get it even more at the expense of the vast majority of children whose schools have been neglected and who really need it. Then throw in a Mayor and City council who are more willing to do the bidding of their donors rather than doing what is right by their constituents. That’s pretty bad too. 

What does the civic council care about? Apparently nothing but taking over our schools.

This is how the Civic Council bills themselves: The Jacksonville Civic Council seeks to shape and define Jacksonville’s future as a premier national and international city with a thriving economy, vibrant civic, cultural and educational institutions, and a high quality of life for all who call it home. By formulating fact-based strategies to address the challenges that others are unwilling or unable to address, we aim to meet the needs of today and build a future marked by prosperity and success.

Okay, I could see education being part of that. but I could also see so many more things, like blight, downtown development, the landing, the sports and entertainment complex, public transportation and the list goes on and on.

Here is a list of committees they say they have,

Civic Council Committees and Task Force Chairs:

Timothy Cost, Jacksonville University, Strategic Planning Committee

Gary Chartrand, Acosta, Education Task Force

Daniel Edelman, Dixon Hughes Goodman, Finance Committee

Steve Halverson, Haskell, and Co-Chair Pension Task Force

Kevin Hyde, Foley and Lardner, UF Health Task Force

Rusty Newton, Timucuan Asset Management, Co-Chair Membership Committee

Peter Rummell, Rummell-Munz, Co-Chair Pension Task Force

Cindy Stover, TD Bank, Co-Chair Membership Committee

Okay, they present themselves as having a lot going on, but when is the last time you heard a peep out of them for anything besides education.

Last year, they demanded to be part of the process to pick the superintendent

Then we all know how they have fought against the referendum

But that is it, they haven’t cared about anything else for years.

From the Jaxson,

The Landing isn’t the only issue the Civic Council sat out on this year. They also stayed on the sidelines as the city considered a convention center at the old Courthouse site, although they suggested their own plans for a convention center in the same space back in 2011.
By staying silent on important issues, the Civic Council hurts its standing as an independent voice for addressing major challenges. It certainly damages their claim to be non-partisan if they lambaste plans by a Democratic mayor but give a free pass when a Republican’s in office. Silence also hurts their credibility when they do weigh in on issues like the school district master plan – if they’re worried about taxpayer dollars, why only when they’re going to public schools?
It’s a pity. Jacksonville benefits when community leaders come together to face serious challenges. The city is in a better place because of the Civic Council’s advocacy and leadership on important issues like the Human Rights Ordinance. It’ll be in a worse place if even the people dedicated to addressing tough challenges decide to sit on the sidelines except when it’s expedient.
Two things, this was an excellent article that everyone should read, and they haven’t cared about anything for years except for the takeover of our schools.
If they cared about our city they would be fighting for the referendum because it would do so much good for the entire city, not just it’s schools, but they aren’t and this tells me it’s all about control and money, more for them at the expense of the rest of us.
We deserve better than the Civic Council.  

Let me explain why safety concerns don’t move Curry and Chartrand on the tax referendum

It is a sad reality that in this day and age we have to be concerned bout hardening our schools to make them safer, and sadly Tallahassee has not adequately funded this. Superintendent Green said at a recent school board workshop said that if the referendum passes she wants to spend five dollars per square foot on every school, including every charter on safety. It is her and the boards priority to make sure our schools are safe.

Since this is the case it was hard to understand why Mayor Curry and the Civic council are so resistant to the tax referendum but then I think I figured out why.

Several members of the civic council in addition to being financial donors to Curry also have close ties to two charter schools. The KIPP school and the Tiger Academy. These two charter schools received an extra two and one million respectively in the recent state budget. No other public or charter school received this extra money. 

Is it that Mayor Curry and the Civic council don’t care about paying for safety at all our schools because the schools they have ties with already receive extra money they can use to keep their students safer? If so that is heinous.

We should ask ourselves some questions. Does anybody think it is a good idea to needlessly wait an extra year to make our schools and kids safer? Why do the civic council’s charter schools get extra money when the public schools and the other charter schools don’t? Why aren’t the mayor and the civic council doing all they can to make our schools safer,  and finally since our schools desperately need the extra resources and most of the city is behind the referendum why are the mayor and the civic council fighting against it? 

Two reasons come to mind, they want our public schools to fail and don’t care if they are not as safe as they could be, and/or they want a bigger cut of the sales tax referendum, both terrible reasons to put our children in danger.

Does the entire city serve the Civic Council

In today’s paper both the editorial staff and a city councilman showed deference to the Civic Council and it’s a little gross.

From the Editorial,

The Times-Union Editorial Board’s support for the sales tax — and for a November election to be held on it — should not be interpreted as blank check. Readers of this page will recall that we blasted the School Board for taking a passive approach toward putting its riverfront administration building for sale. And the Jacksonville Civic Council has raised important questions about the facilities plan that deserve to be fully examined. But nearly everyone agrees that the school system’s buildings are in deplorable shape and deserve to be remodeled, rebuilt or consolidated.

Then this is what incoming councilperson Scott Wilson said

He said the School Board should have more public meetings and go to every every school that would be closed as a result of the district’s master plan. He said the district also should meet more with interested organizations such as the Jacksonville Civic Council.
“I think they should go out and get more buy-in from the community, from the mayor’s office or whoever else they think they need to get buy-in from,” Wilson said.
Ugh, the civic council is a group of rich mostly white and republican men, some of whom don’t even live in the city and their opinion should be worth no more than the tens of thousands of teachers and parents who want the tax referendum. Yet here we have the editorial board of the Times Union and the incoming president of the school board bowing and scraping to them.
Friends we aren’t being led, we are being ruled.

The Civic Council’s pet charter schools already get millions extra. Where will their greed in.

Poor Gary Chartrand, lamented that he just wanted things to be fair between charter schools and public schools in a recent op-ed in the Times Union. Well it seems as if not all charter schools are equal after all because if the charter is affiliated with a member of the civic council they already receive extra, millions extra. 

The civic council loves charter schools but they really love the KIPP School and the Tiger Academy.

John Baker- KIPP Charter

Gary Chartrand- KIPP Charter

Daniel Edelman- KIPP Charter

John Baker, Tiger Academy

Eric Mann, Tiger Academy 

Um, notice all the overlap there?

Well it just so happens that these two charter schools also receive a lot more public money than all the other schools, public and charter alike. 

Representative Fischer and Senator Aaron Bean want to give the KIPP school two million dollars extra and representative Clay Yarbourough wants to give the Tiger academy an extra million. What do these two charters have in common? They were founded by men,  who as members of the civic council regularly give the three legislators campaign money.

The KIPP school was brought to town by Ponte Vedra businessman Gary Chartrand who is one of Jason Fischer’s earliest and biggest supporters. The KIPP school is not located in Fischer’s district nor is it likely many children living in his district attend the school, but that has not stopped Fischer from funneling millions extra over the years to the KIPP schools. As you can see it is well represented on the Civic Council.

Yarborough at least has the decency to support a charter school in his district. He told WJCT news, Tiger Academy stands out as a high-performing school in an underserved neighborhood.  It’s graeds are C, B, C,C, C, D, D. Solid after a slow start but not spectacular. There are numerous other schools in the same area that do just as well if not better. They just aren’t sponsored by the Baker family like the Tiger academy is.
They got the money too
So it seems like fair is okay, but making sure their personal charter schools is taken care of is a pretty high priority too.
You know even other charter operators should be outraged by what the civic council is doing, they must be thinking, hey we better get us some politicians too.

Here is another time they raked in a bunch of extra cash too.

Lenny Curry and the civic council are also fighting against economic growth when they fight against the sales tax referendum.

Lenny Curry, his allies on the city council and the civic council aren’t just fighting against investing in our schools, they are fighting against economic opportunity and investing in our city as well.

Think about how despicable that is, they want public schools to fail so badly they are willing to go against what should be their core beliefs. 

The referendum will undoubtedly create construction jobs, which will in turn create other jobs as well. Then the belief is housing values will rise and some people who work and spend all their time in Jacksonville but live in the suburbs will return as well and please don’t take my word for it.

From the Times Union, 

The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors urged support for the special election, saying improvements in the condition of schools will make Duval County a more desirable place for home-buyers and boost the value of communities within the county…

… The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors says its members are on the front-lines of home-buyers searching for where they will live, and schools are a big part of that choice.

Many families relocating to this area select neighboring counties “rather than send their kids to schools that are unsafe, outdated or in need of major repairs,” association President Jeanne Denton Scheck wrote to council members. 
She said in addition to losing relocating families, Duval County also suffers a loss of community value because sub-par schools have the same impact that a neglected home can have in driving down the value of surrounding homes.
“With so many Duval County schools in need of repair and/or replacement, we are driving down the value of our neighborhoods and our community as a whole,” Scheck wrote. “Realtors don’t just sell houses; we sell communities. Just like the house in disrepair, we can’t sell a community with subpar schools. Our ‘house’ has been neglected for too long.”
So what’s the hold up? What’s the fight about? It’s about some rich donors of Curry and the council who are both pulling their strings and want more charter schools, and everything else be damned. 
That is what it boils down to friends, that is the bottom line. 
This is not how it should be, not even close. 

Lenny Curry and the civic council’s con job is wearing thin (rough draft)

They say the devil’s greatest trick was convincing people he did not exist. Mayor Lenny Curry on the other hand has been trying to convince people he cares about the city’s schools and children, the thing however is, fewer and fewer people are falling for his trick.

Curry and his allies on the civic council have engaged in a con job, trying to convince the city they care about our children and schools when nothing could be further from the truth. 

They have said the board doesn’t have a plan when they do

They have said the school tax referendum isn’t fully vetted, though those people in charge of vetting it say it is. 

They say the community hasn’t been involved when it has. 

They have said it is to expensive when it will save five million dollars.

Their  list of reasons for fighting against the referendum, for fighting against schools and children is as long as it its specious and thankfully the city is picking up on it.

From the Times Union,

Duval voters want to see a half-cent sales tax benefiting schools on their ballots, a new poll revealed.
The University of North Florida’s Public Opinion Research Lab released a new survey Friday asking where the community stands on issues, including the potential school sales tax referendum, marijuana decriminalization and the city selling the Jacksonville Electric Authority.
Results revealed a large desire for marijuana criminal reform, strong opposition toward the city selling JEA and what’s been classified as “overwhelming support” for a sales tax benefiting the county’s public schools.
According to the research lab, approximately 75 percent of Duval County registered voters support the proposed sales tax. That support is reportedly the strongest among registered Democrats (86 percent) but still garnered 60 percent of the support of registered Republicans.
Voters indicated by a margin of 46 percent to 34 percent that they disapprove of the way the Jacksonville City Council is handling its job.
“No matter how you slice it, Duval voters are very supportive of the half-cent sales tax increase,” said Michael Binder, the Public Opinion Research Lab’s faculty director. “Registered voters, general election voters, off-cycle election voters, Democrats and Republicans, all are in favor of getting the schools the revenue they need to upgrade their facilities.”
That upgrade would entail raising Duval’s sales tax from 7 cents to 7.5 cents for 15 years, which would raise an estimated $80 million annually. The money would go toward the school board’s $1.9 billion master facility plan, aimed at overhauling the county’s 163 schools, which include some of the oldest in the state.
The thing is why wouldn’t the city be for a sales tax referendum, they understand that Tallahassee has increasingly abdicated their responsibility, Jacksonville has never stood up and even that the referendum is bound to create jobs and increase property values, or you know, things most mayors support.
Curry’s strange, until you look at his donor’s list, resistance to the referendum has undoubtedly also hurt his popularity. Also from the Times Union. 
The poll also indicated Curry’s popularity is slipping. His approval rate dipped dramatically to 46 percent with 37 percent disapproving. In 2017, 69 percent of voters approved of Curry.
You know that’s what happens when you side with millionaires over children.
It’s past time Curry and the City Council put their specious reasons for opposing the referendum and did the right thing and approved it. The people of Jacksonville will take over from there.